5 Precautions While Eating Healthy

Ohh.. so you have been going the healthy way of late? Started including nutritious veggies in your daily diet, taken to whole grain cereals and aerated drinks have become passé? However, here are a few precautions you need to take before you continue on your healthy journey.

Bring in the change gradually. Avoid drastically changing your diet as you think of kick starting the nutritious way. Also, be aware of how cooking affects different healthy ingredients. For eg., frying leafy greens reduces its Vitamin C content. Moreover, using extra virgin oil for baking/ frying or to sauté  is the best option in comparison to refined olive oil as it retains its anti oxidant properties.Organic whole milk or nut milk it is if you love drinking milk! Skim milk does have some downsides. And finally remember no supplements are as good as fresh home cooked food. Therefore supplements should never become your primary source of nutrition.

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