In our hectic lives, tension headaches are very common. Discover some of the most avoidable causes for your headache:

1. Talking on your cell phone for long hours especially while working causes a stress on your neck.

2. Sitting for long hours on a chair that strains your back and shoulders.

3. Strain on your eyes while continously working on a computer screen or watching TV for long hours.

4. When you carry heavy bags around that puts a lot of pressure on your back.

5. Staying hungry for too long or having gastric formation in the stomach.

6. When you miss your daily dose of caffeine (tea or coffee) that you are addicted to.

7. When you get inadequate sleep or sleep for longer than usual hours.

Important Note: If you have a one sided headache, then it could be migraine. Make sure to get it diagnosed ASAP.