I don’t think anybody will disagree with me on this.

Learning some stress relaxation technique is important for most of us in our present lifestyle. At present, we are facing an economic slowdown and many of us are just glad that we have a job to go back to. We are quite tensed about the layoffs, the bankruptcies and going-out-of-business sales that happen around us.

We feel pressurized from all sides as we strive to make our both ends meet. Even our loving mother who stays at home gets stressed out with us, our siblings and our father (not to mention any pressure from her in-laws) and may break down at the instance of any additional worries. Stress is impartial. It may come to all of us at some point of time in our lives.

When we are nervous or are stressed out we exhibit our emotional state through our simple gestures- by biting our nails or cuticles intuitively or by holding our head in our hands. We require a quick shoulder massage or a tight hug to ease the tension. These are our energy points or natural comfort points. These spots (acupressure points) burst with tension and need a squeeze or a tap as if in a hug.

In simple terms, tapping is an emotional freedom technique by which you balance your nervous system and sooth yourself. The first thing you do in this technique is to evaluate the intensity of your stress, how anxious you are at the moment. Then you rate the intensity of your unhappiness or anxiety between 1 and 10. Then you start with your tapping technique to relieve your distress.

All you use during your technique is your two fingers to tap and your specific phrase to offer yourself comfort and to regain confidence. You tap on the suggested stress points (from the karate chop through the bridge of your nose to the under the arm point) in the recommended way reiterating the phrase related to the emotion you want to release. The technique would bring down your stress rate to 2 or 1. Tapping and moving your eyes (eye-rolling), in fact, distracts you from your anxiety and stress and makes your memory less disturbing.

Tapping this way not only alleviates your worries but also reduces your physical discomforts as well. This technique has been practiced by many people for about two decades with great results. Yet, to one’s surprise it is not very popular in the mainstream. However, you have to find the best Stress Management Technique for yourself as everything may not work out right for you. But you have a choice!

Aparna K V

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