“Never ask a lady her age and a gentleman his salary!”

This is a popular saying and is nearly universal in appeal. However, I feel that this is no longer valid for women only. Even men want to look younger than their age, youth is after all a symbol of an activity, vitality, productivity and strength. Today, cosmetics and technical advancement are even challenging the eternal truths of advancing age. That’s why the term anti-aging today, sounds a reality and not a dream. Yes, we can stop time from influencing us.

There are some changes in the body as time goes by and the body gets tired and experiences an urge to slow down. The metabolic rate goes down. Free radicals are produced in higher concentrations on account of weak immune system and tiredness in the body. The hormones are produced in smaller amounts and the growth of new cells and tissues is almost put to an end due to no new growth hormone produced. This collectively leads to aging. The free radicals produced put strain on the aged body and there is a resultant wear and tear of tissues and organs within.

These reasons have lead to an exploration of how aging can be curbed. Antioxidants have been identified as one leading player in anti-aging therapy which neutralizes the free radicals, makes them inactive and hence stops the destruction of other cells and tissues. Vitamins in form of A, C and E are good antioxidants and hence foods rich in these are good sources of antioxidants. Papaya, carrots, dry fruits, citrus fruits like oranges, kiwi, sweet lime, lemon are some of these. In addition to this, Vitamin B helps in improving memory and controlling nerve impulses. Other substances with known anti-ageing properties on account of inherited nature are ginkgo biloba, green tea, red wine and royal jelly. The amazing fertility of queen bee helps in imparting anti-ageing properties and red wine is known to have anti oxidant and anti cancer benefits. Ginkgo biloba protects nerve cells and green tea is a powerful antioxidant.

Botox is a chemical group derived from botulinum toxins which is a product of a micro organism. Hence Botox is an organic product obtained from living beings. These have been used since the last decade for the cure of various neurological diseases but since 2002, Botox has been used as anti aging therapy widely. This is on account of the ability of botox to fight wrinkles and fine lines on the skin folds due to ageing. Sagging of skin is also treated. This is because the muscles which lose their elasticity are softened and paralysed by an injection of botox so that the lines and wrinkles are reduced or zeroed down. The repeated facial expressions over the years cause the appearance of these fine line in the not so young and with a series of botox, these lines can be shed away. However, whether the muscles are able to impart facial expression sis yet to be explored as these are permanently paralysed.

But technology comes with a price. Isn’t it a wiser idea to adopt a healthier life style to keep the signs of aging away?

  • Eat a balanced diet with more of fresh fruits and veggies. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day to keep your skin hydrated, tissues oxygenated and blood volume maintained.
  • Enjoy fruit juices – mosambi (sweet lime) and pomegranate. Lemon juice and green tea (unsweetened) are also great for you! Left over green tea can be used for a revitalising face pack.
    • Get enough rest at night in form of sleep and don’t over exert if you are sick.
    • Keep stress at bay and live life fully. Taking too much tension in everyday issues is a habit for some of us. How we react to situations is our nature and can be changed for our own benefit. Yoga, deep breathing and meditation help stay focused and stress free.
    • Stop smoking and avoid drinking which add free radicals to your system along with other health hazards.
    • Cleanse your skin twice a day. Follow the skin care regimen – cleanse, tone and moisturise! Never sleep with make up on! At bed time remove all make up and message skin gently with almond oil.
    • Establish an exercise routine which keeps your muscles and tissues activated and in shape. Avoid over exertion.
    • Avoid fasting and crash dieting as they would keep you malnourished and enhance the chances of getting wrinkles soon. Take lots of warm home made soups, seeds and sprouts!
    • Protect your skin during summers. If you do not prefer to use sun screen use goggles, hat and umbrella to keep yourself protected from the harsh rays of the sun and minimise the damage. Avoid going out in the sunny afternoons.
    • Avoid the use of harsh dyes, chemicals and perming agents.

Keep that smile intact! 🙂


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