Are you one of those who gets up earlier than usual and religiously hits the gym every single day? Then read on to ensure that you are making your workout the most effective one. There are some common gym mistaken habits you need to stop to see better results. Most commonly it is believed that doing cardio alone for a good period of time is sufficient to burn calories. This may seem like a complete exercise in itself. But, cardio needs to be accompanied with the weights to help with your muscles. Also it is very natural for us to fall into a comfort zone, and we keep doing the same thing even when we’re not seeing any improvement. Take that as a signal make a switch in your exercise regime. Burning calories only through cardio isn’t the only way you are burning calories in a day. So don’t let those numbers haunt you for your inefficiency. And remember like any other discipline working out requires time; so don’t be impatient to see the gains.

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