If the name Cynodon dactylon remains unknown to you then you might know it by its other names, Durva Grass, Bermuda Grass, Dog’s Tooth Grass, Bahama Grass, Devil’s Grass, Couch Grass, Arugampul, Grama, or Scutch Grass. Growing in any type of soil, Bermuda Grass sustains any kind of climate and spreads far and wide aggressively. Hence the name, Devil’s Grass probably. It is a favourite of lawn lovers and golfers, and the enemy of farmers. A great survibvor amongst the greens, it digs deep in the sand in search of water and is hard to get rid of.

Bermuda Grass or Durva Grass In Hindu Mythology

To the Hindu, Durva Grass is a sacred offering to the Elephant God, Lord Ganesha. In the story, Lord Ganesh swallowed a demon at the request of other Gods which caused him severe stomach pain and discomfort. A reverent sage of the times then offered him the stems of Durva Grass as an antidote which took care of his ailment. Since then Bermuda Grass stands for purity. Grass also symbolizes rebirth and prosperity because once you pluck the blades off new grass grows in its place.

Medicinal Benefits of Bermuda Grass

  • It contains 65% of chlorophyll and helps to increase the red blood cells in the body and thus works for anemia.
  • A great nervine
  • A cheap immuno booster and energizer
  • Reduces acidity with its alkaline properties
  • A good detoxifier.
  • Works for the overweight and the obese
  • A blessing to the Diabetics by regularizing blood sugar and by reducing fatigue. Neem leaf juice mixed with Bermuda Grass is claimed to normalize blood sugar.
  • A natural aid to those with menstrual problems like PCOS
  • Acts as a lactation assist
  • A de stressor
  • Cures digestive trouble

Usage of Bermuda Grass

Take a fist full of grass, chop off the roots and wash well. Sort out any other weed that may be mixed with the grass. Blend the stems in the mixer and strain the juice. This juice can be drunk once a day.

Skin diseases are said to be cured by the regular topical application of the grass paste with turmeric and basil.


Ask your doctor if you can consume Cynodon dactylon  as a herbal supplement. However, it is not intended as a replacement to any ongoing medicines.

-Aparna K.V.

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