Hormone-based birth control measures are often associated with many harmful side effects.

Be it taking birth control pills or using any other birth control methods, hormone-based birth control often comes with many disadvantages. You may or may not know what works unless you have tried some of the methods. However, for the most common symptoms here are some precautions.

If you have a headache or are feeling dizzy you first need to be a little patient to get relief from it. If you don’t find relief, then you might want to change the brand of the pill. For that nauseating feeling to go away, having food while taking the oral contraceptives might help. The major concern that most women face is breakthrough bleeding. If that’s worrying you, try taking the pill at precisely the same time every day. In case of spotting do not hesitate to talk to your doctor.

ll said and done, however it’s better to avoid birth control pills altogether. Rely on other safer methods and always get the help of your doctor.

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