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A Case Study Of Acid Reflux Treated by Ayurveda

ayurvedic treatment of acid reflux


A 26 year old hairstylist walked into the clinic complaining of chronic nausea, acidity, acid reflux, recurrent vomiting and stomach pain after meals, and acute constipation for the past 3 months . 

His habits included eating  once / twice a day, frequent cups of tea and coffee and alcohol every day. He had routinely been having midnight snacks of spicy and fried food for over 5 years. He exercises every day. 

He was on antacids and prescription medications but that only gave mild relief. His habits definitely seemed to deteriorate his condition. 

His meals consisted of a mixed diet including a lot of non vegetarian food. 

Investigation & Diagnosis

Investigations revealed:

BP /PR/ respiratory rate - normal 

Nadi - Pitta Pradhana 

Endoscopy report revealed some small ulcers in the stomach.

Tongue - yellowish white coating 

Stools - constipated , hard 

Sweating - heavy 

Appetite - high 

Food cravings - spicy , fried food 

Weight gain - 10 kgs in the last 8 months 

The patient was diagnosed with Amla Pitta. 


The treatment was started with our Nirogam Coolgut Kit with a combination of Avipattikar powder and Kamadugha Ras. Several other medicines were prescribed which also included Drakshadi Kashayam and Mrdveekadi Lehyam. 

He was put on a diet of simple dal khichdi, vegetable soup and buttermilk. He was also advised to avoid curds, leafy vegetables, non-vegetarian food, fried food, pickles and alcohol. Seasonal fruits and vegetables were included in his diet chart. 

The patient was recommended regular meal times and proper sleep.  He was prescribed butter + sugar powder first thing in the morning and to include ghee in his meals.


Within 2 days it was observed that his bowel movements had improved and vomiting/nausea had stopped. 

His excess appetite slowly diminished and all symptoms gradually subsided in 10 days. 

In 2 months he was found to be completely normal. He has been advised to continue the prescribed diet and Avipattikar Powder once every month in the night with warm water. 

The symptoms have not relapsed since.

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