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11 Must - Know Benefits Of Shilajit For Men

11 Must - Know Benefits Of Shilajit For Men
Shilajit is one of the most important medicinal compounds in the Ayurvedic medicine system. Various ancient Ayurvedic texts mention that all diseases can be cured by Shilajit if given with other remedies. According to scientific research, it is confirmed that the benefits of Shilajit for men as well as women are numerous. It has proved to be very effective in the treatment of various diseases like Consumption (Kshaya), tuberculosis (Rajayakshama), genito-urinary diseases, sexual weakness, gonorrhea, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, phthisis, asthma, gallstone, renal stone, anuria, jaundice, enlarged spleen and the liver, and even nervous diseases.

In the Indian sub-continent, Shilajit is very common for treating sexual weakness. It is rich in numerous minerals so it is great for improving physical and mental health for men which ultimately improves sex life. Shilajit is thought to be one of the most popular herbs in the traditional Indian system of Ayurveda medicine because of its incredible health benefits for men and women. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the numerous shilajit benefits for men and women and how you can use this to treat different diseases.

What is Shilajit?

Before diving into the benefits, we want to walk you through what exactly is Shilajit. Shilajeetu is known to be one of the most ancient medicines in India. It is made by the exudation of a Bituminous substance from the rocks of Himalaya and is often said that it carries the healing power of these great mountains.

The literal meaning of the word Shilajit is the ‘Conqueror of Rock.’


Often people are confused and wonder if they really need a medical supplement to improve their health or body requirements. We are here to help you understand its importance. We have curated a few common men’s health issues that can be treated by using Shilajit.
  • Hair Loss - People who do not have any inherited hair loss problems or have no heart issues can treat their hair loss problem with Shilajit. Shilajit may cure hair loss in cases where people lose their hair due deficiency related to vitamins or hormone issues. In cases like these, Shilajit can be used to fulfill the body deficiencies related to the loss of hair.

  • Fatigue - People who often suffer from fatigue or tiredness can use Shilajit to boost body strength.

  • Increased body fat - Men who have an excess of body fat can try Shilajit. People who experience an increase in body fat and have large breast tissue issues can use Shilajit as a remedial solution.


Although Shilajit can help people in getting rid of different health-related issues, it is vital to use authentic Shilajit. Only pure Shilajit, extracted from the source and purified with standard procedures can effectively give benefits for men.

11 Must-Know Benefits Of Shilajit For Men

  1. Anti-Aging - Shilajit helps to slow down the aging process in various ways which is one of the main health benefits of Shilajit for men. It provides calcium to the bones and makes them stronger. Shilajit is also a natural antioxidant, as it contains more than 85 minerals in their ionic form, keeping the diseases away and your immunity system strong.

  2. Sexual Benefits - Shilajit works wonders for improving male sexual functions and it has been used for hundreds of years to support libido and sexual performance in a natural way. Shilajit is also the main remedy in Ayurvedic medicine for treating low libido and sexual performance.

  3. Disease-Fighting - Historically, Shilajit has been recommended for people suffering from:
    • Diabetes
    • Stress
    • Arthritis
    • Obesity
    • Alzheimer’s
    • Genitourinary disorders
    • Jaundice
    • Digestive disorders
    • Epilepsy
    • Nervous disorders
    • Anemia
    • Bronchitis
    • Hemorrhoids
    • Kidney Stones
    • Edema
    • Asthma
    • Thyroid Dysfunction, and much more

  4. Physical Performance - Shilajit is known as ‘The Destroyer of Weakness’, it is a great medicinal substance for those who need to improve physical health. It improves recovery after a rigorous workout, it also helps to increase stamina, treats physical weakness, and improves brain functioning, these all ultimately contribute to improving body functions. It may even promote muscle mass and can also help you to gain strength naturally.

  5. Antioxidant - Shilajit mimics powerful antioxidants as it contains more than 85 minerals in their ionic form, thus promoting cellular respiration due to its anti-aging properties.

  6. Regulates blood sugar - Shilajit based medicine promotes regeneration of pancreatic cells. It works as a miracle in maintaining healthy levels of glucose that ultimately help to keep diabetes in check
  7. Rich in minerals - Fulvic and humic acids which have potent benefits are present in Shilajit. It also contains many trace minerals, each with its own benefits.

  8. Healthy Inflammation Response - Shilajit helps the body to have a healthy inflammatory response given its type of chemical composition. This helps Shilajit accelerate healing by addressing tissue damage.

  9. Alzheimer’s disease - Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that causes problems with memory, behavior, and thinking. Some researches have shown that the molecular composition of shilajit may prevent or slow this process.

  10. Infertility - Shilajit is a safe supplement to consume when it comes to male infertility. In a study, a group of 60 infertile men took shilajit twice a day for 90 days after meals. At the end of the 90-day period, more than 60 percent of the study participants showed an increase in total sperm count. More than 12 percent of the people in the study showed an increase in sperm motility.

  11. Heart health - Shilajit as a dietary supplement also helps to improve your heart’s health. Researchers tested the cardiac performance of shilajit on lab rats. The study found that rats that were given a dose of shilajit had fewer cardiac lesions.

Shilajit benefits for Men & Women

Shilajit is a known mineral pitch. It is a potent and safe dietary supplement that restores the energetic balance and prevents several diseases. It is especially used in India in the treatment of male sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of sexual desire, ejaculatory incompetence, impotence, and infertility. It has a beneficial effect on every individual’s organs be it men or women and it cures a wide variety of diseases. Some of these are as follows:

  • It is a powerful adaptogen (helps the body adapt to stress)
  • It improves vitality and libido
  • It cures sexual debility
  • It increases sperm count
  • It is a wonderful uterine tonic - for everyone
  • It is very useful in the treatment of diabetes and male sexual disorders
  • It increases the flow of digestive secretion and helps in better absorption
  • It helps in reducing blood sugar levels
  • It is one of the best kidney toners
  • It has immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antifungal, and antioxidant properties
  • The minerals and plant nutrients in Shilajit are very powerful and provide antioxidants in the body that scavenge free radicals. This prevents degenerative changes in the body.
  • It is an excellent mineral supplement.
  • It reduces the risk of degenerative disorders
  • It slows down the process of aging by rejuvenation and immunomodulation


Shilajit treats various Gastrointestinal problems like:

  • Digestive troubles, vomiting
  • Enlargement of the abdomen
  • Piles or hemorrhoids
  • Parasitic infestation
  • Jaundice, hepatitis, indigestion, gallstones, and its obstruction
  • Obstinate abdominal diseases including ascites


Shilajit also treats various Urinary tract system ailments (kidney, ureter, bladder):

  • Kidney stones, Cystitis, Dysuria i.e. difficulty in urination
  • Chronic urinary tract problems, Urinary tract infections, burning urination
  • Spermoruia (sperm outflow through urine), Diabetes Mellitus
  • Stones
  • Frequent urination caused by a stone in the prostate area
  • Obstinate urinary disorders including diabetes Insipidus, and Glycosuria

Various Respiratory problems that can be treated by Shilajit are as follows:

  • Scrofula (tuberculous cervical lymphadenitis)
  • Dyspnoea, Chronic bronchitis problem, Asthma attack


Shilajit benefits for men and women for the Nervous system:

  • Nervous diseases, Parkinson’s disease
  • Stress management, Epilepsy attacks
  • Insanity problems, Schizophrenia


The benefit of Shilajit for the Reproductive system:

  • It treats sexual debility and weakness, sexual vitality problems, and various infertility issues of males and females.
  • Menstrual disorders in females, postpartum health issues
  • Thyroid dysfunction


Improving sexual performance, sperm count using Shilajit:

  • Curing erectile failure, premature ejaculation, lack of sexual desire and ejaculatory incompetence
  • Nocturnal emission/ Nightfall, Venereal disease, Gonorrhea


Shilajit benefits for men and women for Bone disorders:

  • Fractures and broken bones, Arthritis and joint pains, Osteoarthritis, Osteopenia
  • Spondylosis of cervical as well as the lumbar region


Shilajit’s benefits in treating any other diseases such as:

  • Anemia, Vitiation of blood balance and its circulation
  • Parasitic diseases related to the skin, various skin related diseases, Leprosy and Psoriasis
  • Bodybuilding (Muscular hypertrophy)
  • Mouth related disorders

Shilajit Precautions

Although Shilajit is a natural and safe herb, you should not consume it in its raw or unprocessed form. Raw Shilajit often contains heavy metal ions, free radicals, fungus, and other contaminants that can make you sick. Whether you buy shilajit capsules online or from a natural or health food store, make sure Shilajit is purified and ready for use.

Shilajit for Skin

Combine one part of pure Shilajit with one part distilled water or an unscented cream. Apply the mixture to pimples and blemishes. Repeat this process twice every day, until the skin heals and recovers.

For face - When you’re looking to improve the glow on your face there are many recipes that you can use to get glowing skin. For this, you need:

Mix the two together and apply the mixture on your face for 15 to 30 mins. This can be used on a regular basis. The properties of Shilajit combine with the goodness of honey leaving behind smooth, rejuvenated and supple skin. You can also replace the honey with a spoon of pure aloe vera gel for a cooling effect.

Shilajit Face Pack

You need:

  • 2 grams of Shilajit
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • ½ tsp of nutmeg
  • 1 tbsp. of honey

Combine all the above and apply the mixture on your face. Leave for up to half an hour and then wash.

The benefits of Shilajit for skin can be experienced to the fullest even in the easy-to-take capsule form.

Be sure to obtain Shilajit supplements and powder from reliable sources only.

Contrary to the common notion that Shilajit is only for men, the capsules have proved to be a helpful medicine for women as well. Shilajit capsules by Nirogam work as a calcium supplement for women and help in strengthening the bones while boosting stamina. They are especially helpful in coping with stress, diabetes, PCOS, obesity, and other associated symptoms too. Shilajit is more than just the ‘libido pill’ for men, it is an Ayurvedic solution for many diseases!



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