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8 Traditional Homemade Conditioners for Hair Fall

homemade conditioners for hair fall

Hair fall can happen due to many reasons. Some of them can be really surprising. If you are not quite sure what factors lead to thinning hair then read this post on the 11 Surprising Causes for Hair Fall.

Now this obvious question pops up in your head:

How Does Conditioning Help To Reduce Hair Fall?

The answer is simple. The regular use of a good natural hair conditioner can hydrate hair, render it flexibility and above all, impart strength.

I am going to tell you some homemade conditioners which I have used myself and found amazing results. Isn’t that great?

1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the pride of Kerala.

I have used it from birth. I use it for my baby too. It is a natural conditioner. “Kachiya enna” (literally translated as “heated oil”) refers to coconut oil which is heated with or without exotic traditional Ayurvedic herbs. Most of the Keralites use “Kachiya enna” as their regular bath oil.

Coconut oil moisturizes the scalp and hair. It penetrates hair and binds protein while a chemical based conditioner can only add a surface shine to the hair.

If you can’t get a herbal infused oil, don’t worry! Plain coconut oil is effective too. My grandmother instructed me to use slightly warmed oil for good results. Frozen, cakey oil should never be applied directly on to head.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair

homemade conditioner for dry hair

Take a little oil in a small container. Take another wider container with a little warm water. Keep the smaller one in the wider one and swirl gently without allowing the water to mix with the oil. Once the oil is warm (not hot), spread it in the palms of your hands and massage on to scalp. Apply from root to end. Let it sit for 15 minutes before you wash off with a herbal shampoo. Do not heat oil directly on flame.

Alternatively, you may also use olive oil.

Olive oil-Honey Deep Conditioner

Quite a few people have asked me if applying honey caused grey hair. I have used honey quite a few times along with olive oil and never experienced grey hair. However, do not over use honey or use it too frequently.

Take two teaspoons olive oil and add one teaspoon honey to it. Mix and apply all over your scalp and hair. Cover with a plastic shower cap and rinse off after twenty minutes. I don’t like to use a warm towel wrap or hair dryer. It is still good without it. You can also go ahead and add beaten egg and a few drops of lemon juice to this mix if you like.

2. Castor Oil

homemade deep conditioner for damaged hair

I know a lady who oiled her hair with castor oil every night and took bath in morning. The reason she told me was castor oil was a great lubricant and had the ability to grow new hair. It has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which prevented scalp infections. Thanks to the Omega EFAs in castor oil, it prevents dry hair, dandruff while conditioning it.

Don’t forget to warm the oil before use!

homemade conditioners for hair fall

3. Coconut milk

Coconut milk is an amazing natural conditioner. It is a bit of a luxury as it is a painstaking effort to grate coconut, grind it and extract milk out of it. But, it’s worth the effort. And you need very little.

Coconut milk is rich and creamy. It softens dry, brittle hair and promotes hair growth. It reduces split ends and reduces the risk of balding.

4. Curd

Why is curd good for hair?

Curd has a significant place in beauty treatments. Curd can prevent dandruff and enhance hair quality. It also helps manage rough hair. I find curd not only to be a natural hair conditioner but also a coolant and relaxant.

Apply plain curd at room temperature all over scalp and hair. Massage and rinse off in plenty of water.

5. Henna

Homemade deep conditioner for dry hairs

Henna (Mehandi) leaves are not just for natural colouring. They make an excellent hair conditioner by giving hair a protective coating. I like to add beaten homemade curd to henna powder to make a cooling hair pack.

Henna-Curd Conditioner

Soak 2-3 large scoops of henna in warm water to make a thick paste. Beat a little curd and pour this to your henna. Mix well. Cover your hair with this mix after a couple of hours. Wash off with a mild herbal shampoo after an hour.

6. Fenugreek seeds

Homemade conditioner for curly hair

Soak two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds (methi dana) overnight. Grind into a paste and apply all over scalp and hair in the morning. I know it’s a bit messy. But it’s worth a try. Use shampoo to rinse. Without shampoo, you would be gracing your floor with fenugreek powder.

 7. Hibiscus leaves

home made conditioner for hair

This is the hardest of them all to find. My maternal grandmother used to have lots of hibiscus plants in her garden. Whenever I visited her, she used to make a shampoo for me by rubbing hibiscus leaves together. If I didn’t feel like oiling my hair, this was the perfect natural shampoo for me that did not leave my hair dry.

8. Aloe Vera

How to make hair conditioner at home

This is awesome stuff. We have an Aloe Vera plant in my terrace. When I was in school, my father brought it home saying it was a medicinal plant. I realized its benefits only a little later. From then on, I use aloe pulp for my skin as well as hair.

How to Use Aloe Vera for Hair

Cut out a fresh leaf from the plant. Peel off the skin with a knife. Remove the pulp and wash off any yellow substance that you might see. That bad smelling yellow thing (aloin) there, is harmful to the skin. Wash it off. Apply this pulp all over hair and scalp. Leave it on for some time and rinse off with plain water.

I have used all of the mentioned above conditioners. Try out all these 8 natural hair conditioners and choose whatever suits you the best. They work wonders for hair.

Feel free to try them even if you do not have hair fall. 

-Aparna K V, Editor.


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homemade hair conditioner after shampooing

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