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4 Ways to Boost Fertility

ways to improve fertility

Are you trying to conceive? If yes, then you can enhance your chances of becoming pregnant by boosting your fertility levels. It can be done easily by embracing a healthy lifestyle and improving your wellness.

Here Are Top 4 Ways To Enhance Your Fertility:

Watch What You Eat:

Foods go a long way in boosting your fertility levels. Let us see what you should or shouldn’t eat while trying to get pregnant. Here are some food tips:

  • Avoid all foods that contain preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Also avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol, tea, coffee, white bread, pasta and non vegetarian diet.
  • Load up your diet with fresh organic fruits and vegetables mango, peach, plum, pear, asparagus, broccoli etc. Dairy products, green gram, soaked almonds, walnuts, dates, figs and raisins enhance your fertility.
  • Use spices like carom seeds and cumin in your dishes.
  • Consume urad dal at least 3-4 times a week.

Effective Home Remedies To Perk Up Your Fertility:

1. Take 6 grams Ashwagandha with 1 cup of milk for 5-6 nights after menstruation.

2. A very effective remedy for female sterility is cooking eggplant and eating it with buttermilk. If done strictly for at least a month, it will help to increase fertility.

3. Collect tender roots of banyan tree, dry it in shade and crush it in a fine powder. Mix about 20 grams of this powder with milk and take it at night for 3 consecutive nights after the monthly periods are over. Repeat this until conception takes place.

4. Take a mixture of 25 gram each of carom seeds and rock sugar. Soak it in 125 ml water overnight in an earthen pot. Grind it in the morning and drink it. You have to do it up to 8 days from the start of your menstrual periods. It will increase your chances of conceiving.

Get Yoga In Your Routine:

Practising specific yoga asana/poses will definitely go a long way in enhancing your fertility levels. You may club them with relaxing meditations and pranayama too.

1. Seated Forward Bend Pose

how to improve fertility

This pose stretches your lower back, and hips. It helps in conceiving by stimulating your ovaries and uterus. It also brings down the stress levels that further improves your fertility.

How to do it:
Sit on a mat on the floor with your legs stretched in front of you. Inhale and move your arms upward. Bring them over your head without bending the arms. Exhale and slowly bend forward. Touch your toes with your fingers. Hold the pose and breathe deeply 5-6 times. Inhaling, slowly come up and release the pose.

2. Cobra Pose

yoga to improve fertility

This pose stimulates the uterus and strengthens your back muscles. It also helps relieve pressure on your backbone. It increases the blood flow around the uterus area, and enhances your fertility.

How to do it:

Lie down on your stomach on a mat. Place your hands (palms on the floor) on the floor beside your shoulders. While inhaling deeply, lift your upper body off the floor till the navel region. Make sure the pressure is on your hands. Looks up and breathe deeply 5-6 times in this posture. Exhale, slowly release the pose and come down.

3. The Butterfly Pose:

ways to improve fertility in women

It helps stimulate your groin area and increase the blood flow around the uterus. It also releases tension in the hip area making conceiving easier.

How to do it:

Sit up on a floor mat and join the feet together. Hold the feet with your hands and make sure your backbone is straight. Flap your knees and thighs up and down, while breathing normally. Do it twice a day for 3-5 minutes.

Add Essential Nutrients to Your Diet:

1. Zinc: 

Zinc mineral balances out the level of oestrogen and progesterone and enhances fertility. Fortified cereals, milk products, beans, nuts, mushrooms, cocoa, sea food, pumpkin seeds, spinach and wheat germ are some of the foods loaded with zinc.

2. Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 deficiency may cause irregular menstrual cycle and deteriorate the quality of eggs in women. Bananas, prunes, avocados, spinach, sunflower seeds, pistachio nuts, chickpea, potatoes, fortified cereals and brown rice are good sources of Vitamin B6.

3. Vitamin B 12:

Lack of Vitamin B12 may hamper the fertilized egg from getting implanted. Adequate intake of Vitamin B12 reduces the risk of abortion. Cottage cheese, low fat milk and yoghurt, tempeh, Swiss cheese, fortified almond, soy and coconut milk are some of the sources of getting Vitamin B12 in your diet.

4. Vitamin C:

Red bell pepper, green bell pepper, kale, broccoli, papaya, tomatoes, oranges, pineapples, strawberries, cauliflower, mangoes and kiwis are some of Vitamin C rich foods that will boost your fertility by balancing the hormones in women.

5. Vitamin D:

Lack of Vitamin D may cause infertility in women. It is advisable to eat foods rich in Vitamin D like fortified cereals, tofu, mushrooms, eggs, dairy products etc.

6. Vitamin E:

It helps protect the egg DNA and its deficiency may cause infertility in women. Swiss chard, mustard greens, spinach, turnip greens, hazel nuts, pine nuts, broccoli, parsley, olives, avocado are full of Vitamin E.

7. Iron:

Iron deficiency may lead to absence of ovulation or poor egg health in women. So it is imperative to add loads of iron rich food to your platter. Dark leafy greens, nuts, tofu, dark chocolate, whole grains, bran, beans and pulses are excellent sources of enhancing female fertility.

8. Folic acid:

It helps in preventing ovulatory failure and increasing fertility. Dark leafy greens, asparagus, broccoli, lentils, papaya, oranges, Brussels sprouts, okra, corn, carrots, peanuts, almonds, flax seeds, beets are foods rich in folic acid.

ayurvedic medicine for fertility

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  • Good and informative to womens those who are planning to conceive

  • Good and informative to womens those who are planning to conceive.

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