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Are You Underweight ? How to Gain Weight Naturally at home !

Are You Underweight ? How to Gain Weight Naturally at home !
Do you want to gain weight ?

You are said to be underweight when your BMI is less than 18.5. Although being underweight is not a health problem in itself, it is a sign of an undernourished body. You should take the help of Ayurveda to acquire normal weight.

Causes of Being Underweight
Home Remedies to Help You Gain Weight Naturally

Gaining weight by natural means is certainly possible through common home remedies. You may try some of these:

  • Bananas, strawberries, mango and nuts can be taken daily.
  • Soak figs and raisins in water for a few hours and munch this 2-3 times a day.
  • Muskmelon also helps in quick weight gain.
  • Ensure to consume adequate amount of milk and milk products daily.
  • Fresh pomegranate juice improves your appetite.
  • Add 1-2 teaspoon of ghee in your meals daily.
  • If you prefer non vegetarian food, you can take meat soup spiced with pepper daily.
  • Increase your protein intake like scrambled egg, sprouted grams, soya, etc.

Ayurvedic medicines to help you gain weight naturally

If you are looking for Ayurvedic solutions to gain weight, the following are recommended.

Trikatu churna for weight gain

In composition, Trikatu churna is simple: it is a mixture of black pepper, long pepper fruit, and ginger. It is considered both a medicine as well as a dietary supplement in Ayurveda. It should be taken with warm water to improve your digestion and appetite.

Chyavanprash for weight gain

Chyavanprash is the hallmark preparation and tonic of the Ayurveda. Taken on a regular basis, it builds the body and boosts the immune system, while also providing many essential minerals to the body. Those who are not able to gain weight naturally might be the victims of a deficiency, which Chyavanprash can help overcome. It is best taken with hot milk after meals.

Ashwagandha rasayana for weight gain

Ashwagandha rasayana is one of the most respected medicines in the Ayurveda. It is a boon for those suffering from low stamina, perpetual weakness, weak nerves, and even joint pains. When taken with an appropriate and balanced diet, Ashwagandha rasayana works to revitalize the body cells and makes them more energetic. In turn, helps the individual recover, conserve strength, and gain weight.

Kushmanda rasayana for weight gain

Kushmanda rasayana is prepared from ash gourd, which is the major constituent of this Ayurvedic medicine. It is another of the famous Ayurvedic medicines for stress, emancipation, respiratory problems, etc. However, Kushmanda rasayana also has uses in natural weight gain, as it nourishes the body and improves flow of energy.

Ksheerabala oil for weight gain

Ksheerabala tailam is generally prescribed for those with muscle pains, especially in the cases of a weak back. However, regular massage with this oil is also useful in gaining weight naturally. An oil massage twice a week would be beneficial.

Exercise under a physical trainer’s guidance to build your muscles. Regular exercise, oil massage and hot water will improve your appetite. Make sure to have 7-8 hours of good sleep daily. All natural weight gain strategies aim to improve the body’s constitution and nourish it, as it mostly because of some deficiency that people are underweight.


  1. Enhances body immunity
  2. Delays the physiological changes fights against chronic diseases.
  3. Improves appetite and digestion.
  4. Useful in anemia, general, debility, weight loss and low blood pressure.
  5. A pediatric to geriatric tonic for vigor and vitality.

Dosage: One-two tablespoons to be taken with milk or warm water, twice a day.

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