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Health Benefits of Rhubarb (Hindi: Revand Chini)

Health Benefits of Rhubarb (Hindi: Revand Chini)
Rhubarb, in India, is known by several names: Indian rhubarb, Gilgiti rhubarb and Small Himalayan rhubarb. In Hindi, it is commonly known as revand-chini and also as Archa and Atis. Ladakirevanda-chini is the Marathi name and in Urdu, Ravand chini.

The rhubarb stalk has several health benefits and can be added to salads and also cooked in desserts. Here’s how your health can benefit from regular intake of rhubarb:

– It contains Vitamin A and lutein that destroys free radicals and keeps your skin looking young

– It has lots of vitamin K that helps in blood clotting when you get injured

– It has Vitamin C, lycopene and anthocyanins that boost your immunity

– It has anthraquinones, which can prevent cancer

Nutritional Profile of Rhubarb:

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