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How to Manage Your Baby’s Teething the Ayurvedic Way!

How to Manage Your Baby’s Teething the Ayurvedic Way!
Teething is one of the developmental stages of your baby, where there is the eruption of primary teeth. Teething symptoms vary in each baby, some may not show any symptoms, whereas few babies may experience intense pain and irritation, which is bothersome for both baby and the parents.

The lower two centre teeth (incisors) are first to appear followed by upper incisors. Second molars are the last one to appear. Usually teething starts by 6 months but again it varies in each baby. It may start any time between 3-12 months, by the third year your baby will have complete 20 primary teeth. By 6th year primary teeth start falling and permanent teeth start to erupt.

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Signs and Symptoms of Your Baby Teething
  • Increased salivation and drooling.
  • Crankiness.
  • Sore/inflamed gums.
  • Pain and irritation.
  • Mild rise in body temperature.
  • Loose stools.
  • Difficulty in falling asleep and night waking.
  • Refuses feeding.
  • Gagging or coughing due to more saliva.
  • Rashes around the mouth.
  • Baby tends to chew solid substance.

Ayurvedic Management of Baby Teething

  • Wash your hands well and massage the gums of your baby twice a day. This will relieve pain.
  • Try hard foods like finger length carrot or cucumber. But be attentive, sometimes a broken piece may choke your baby.
  • A piece of yashtimadhu root, vacha teething bracelet or teething ring can be given for chewing.
  • To prevent skin rashes keep wiping the saliva and apply a moisturiser.
  • Clean the baby’s gum with soft washed cloth once daily.
  • Give extra attention to your baby. Try to console by cuddling or giving a new toy.
  • Avoid using chemical based teething gel.
  • If you can get pure honey, you can apply that on your baby’s gums.
  • You can feed bael fruit to your baby.

You can give Ayurvedic medicines like Aravindasavam, Dashamoolarishta, Amritarishta to improve their immunity, appetite, reduces fever and inflammation.

Boil few coriander seeds, ginger powder, musta and dry pomegranate rind in drinking water and filter it. Give 1 tsp to your baby 3-4 times daily.

High fever and repeated diarrhoea are not the signs of teething. If your baby is suffering from these, you need to visit your baby’s doctor for the management.

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