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Say Goodbye To Gallstones With Homeopathy

Homeopathy treatment of gallstones
Gallstones, a calculus formation in the gall bladder or its ducts, is an extremely painful condition and often curable only through surgery. However, just like you many people have looked for alternative cures to gallbladder and many of them have found solace from homeopathy. Homeopathy is quite helpful in dissolving gallstones in early stages when the condition has not reached the critical stage. It helps in eliminating small stones from the gall bladder as well as preventing further formation.

Let us first understand how gall stones are formed.

The liver releases gall to help in digestion. The gall is present inside the gallbladder. When there is some kind of blockage of the bile ducts or build up of gall it leads to formation of gallstones. The gallstones are many in number and of different sizes from a marble to a small grain. The stones that are small in size pass through easily but the big ones get stuck and block the bile flow leading to unbearable pain in the bile ducts. Symptoms may include jaundice, intestinal colic as well as fever. At times the urine turns brownish or green in color. The pain may also spread across the upper back and the abdomen.

The homeopathic remedies advised in the treatment of gallstones:
1. Chelidonium: It is one of the most common homeopathic medicines for several liver problems. This medicine is for those who are experiencing pain in liver area and around right shoulder blade area. The person may be suffering from constipation and the soft stools may be bright yellowish in color. The skin may also turn grayish or yellowish.

2. Podophyllum: This is another beneficial remedy for liver distress. This medicine is advisable to those who have symptoms such as watery stools with yellow or green color and yellowish tint on the tongue. The person may also be suffering from nausea, puking, constipation or diarrhea. The person may feel distressed in warm temperature and better in when it is cool or cold.

3. Carduus Marianus: the health of the liver can be restored with this homeopathic medicine. This medicine is given when the person is suffering from liver expansion and jaundice along with gallstones. The patient may be experiencing greenish vomit tasting like acid. This medicine is also used in curing jaundice as well as gallbladder enlargement.

4. Lycopodium: this homeopathic medicine is useful in curing several kinds of indigestion. It is most commonly used to cure flatulence. Those in need of this medicine can be underweight and every morning awakens with xerostomia (dry mouth) or even a burning sensation and sourness. Also, they may experience discomforting sensation, while breathing in, in the gallbladder area or below the ribs. Also given when suffering from serious constipation.

5. Calcarea Carbonica: This homeopathic medicine is extremely useful in treating gallstones. This medicine is given to those suffering from shooting pains around liver are and discomfort after wearing tight clothing’s. Cold sensations in the stomach may be experienced. The symptoms may also include stomach spasms at nighttime, constipation or diarrhea with smelly stools.

These homeopathic medicines have proved to be extremely useful when taken in early stages. In case the condition gets severe and the doctor advises surgery as the only resort then it is best to follow the advice. However, if doctor says it is still early to perform surgery for gallstones then homeopathy may change the ‘still early’ to ‘never

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