Your friend may say you are not working out hard enough or not eating any less which is causing all your fat build up. But you know the reality. You can’t lose weight unless you almost die starving and do a lot of exercise. You lead a difficult life as you try weight loss supplements and cut your food cravings while  exercises increase your hunger and need for food.

Obesity is an alarming health issue of the society today. It can be caused by many factors like your very own genes, certain ,psychological factors, medical problems, age, overeating, a total lack physical activity, lifestyle and family influence (having happy-go-lucky parents who are not strict, for instance).  Even children are not spared. Childhood overweight and obesity are ever on the increase.

The brown fat cell theory for weight loss goes somewhat like this. Our body consists of two types of fat tissues namely white fat cells (White Adipose Tissue aka WAT) and brown fat cells (Brown Adipose Tissue aka BAT). Energy metabolism, heat insulation and mechanical cushioning are the responsibilities of the white fat cells. They are the fat and store energy for the use of the body.  Brown fat cells play an important role in thermogenesis, ie., generation of heat but are found less or are absent in adults. A group of researchers from Boston found that these calorie burning cells can lead to the effective treatment of obesity.

Though the brown fat cells are inexistent in adults their precursors still hang around. Scientists believe that by kicking these precursors and by encouraging the production of brown fat cells they can find a cure to obesity. PRDM16 is a human gene which regulates brown fat development. Scientists hope that agonizing PRDM16 can promote the development of BAT which would come handy in controlling weight and treating diabetes.

Also, treating humans with BMP-7 is also considered for therapeutic fat loss. BMP-7 is another human gene, a bone inducer. The experiments on mice led to the end result that injecting BP-7 can trigger off the production of brown fat cells and can result in increased energy expenditure causing weight loss. However, more researches are being carried on in the hope of preventing obesity particularly when it is genetic.

Curoslim capsules  – For obesity 

Benefits of curoslim:
  • Improves metabolic rate
  • Manages Weight
  • Reduces Love Handles
  • Reduces hunger pangs
  • Regulate Cholesterol
  • Remove Toxins from the Body


1 capsule, twice a day before meals.

But many doubts have to cleared and many questions have to be scientifically answered before one makes a final decision on this!