The cabbage soup diet for weight loss has gained popularity all across the world recently. According to cabbage soup diet the more cabbage you eat the more weight you lose. The cabbage soup diet for weight loss is said to have fat burning ability with almost no calories such that there is way you will gain weight if you follow this diet. Experts suggest that one must follow the cabbage soup diet for weight loss for seven days to see results.

How does this diet work?

While following the cabbage soup diet for weight loss you must have good amounts of the menu and lot water in a day. You are allowed to eat other foods on specific days of the diet but in limited quantities. Experts suggest that you include the other suggested foods as having only cabbage soup may result in weakness. You must drink seven to eight glasses of water every day. It is very easy to follow the seven days cabbage soup diet for weight loss, however, dieters are recommended to consult their physicians before following this diet.

Day 1: on the first day of your cabbage soup diet for weight loss have as much as cabbage soup as you can. Also have fruits during the day, but no bananas. You can also have green tea or regular tea with no sugar.

Day 2: On the second day you can have vegetables. Have cabbage soup along with green leafy veggies. Have more of dark leafy vegetables. Do not have peas or beans as they have high fat content in them. Go ahead and enjoy one baked potato along with butter at dinner time.

Day 3: today you can have any fruit and veggies along with cabbage soup. Do not have bananas, beans or peas. And you can have one baked potato with butter at night.

Day 4: Today you can have skimmed milk along with bananas along with cabbage soup. You can have as much as eight bananas on fourth day of your cabbage soup diet.

Day 5: Today is tomato day. Have at least six tomatoes on fifth day. Also, include twenty ounce of chicken in you soup. Have cabbage soup only one time in a day. Have at least eight glass of water today. Today’s cabbage soup diet for weight loss will help remove uric acid from your body, and help with detoxification.

Day 6: Today you can have beef, chicken and vegetables to your heart’s content. Add dark leafy vegetables to your cabbage coup.

Day 7: Today you can have brown rice and green leafy vegetables. You can also have any fruit juice without added sugar.

Is the cabbage soup diet for weight loss good or bad???

Many dieticians have suggested that cabbage soup diet for weight loss may not be nutritionally sufficient and may not result in long term weight loss. Some experts are of view that cabbage soup diet may be helpful in losing weight fast but for shorter period of time.

–    The weight loss through cabbage soup diet is only short term.
–    Is not nutritionally sufficient
–    Does not include variety of foods
–    It lacks foods rich in minerals or vitamins
–    A simple and easy to follow diet
–    You can follow the cabbage soup diet for weight loss without the help of any expert
–    Not expensive
–    Helps with detoxification
–    A good break from all the junk foods
–    Helps lose weight fast

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