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ayurvedic treatment for adenoiditis


Adenoiditis is a condition of inflamed adenoids. Adenoids are the lymphatic tissue, similar to tonsils, located in the throat behind your nose. This usually occurs more in children than adults. Adenoids can be treated easily with some precaution and proper Ayurvedic treatment.

What causes Adenoids?

The body forms Adenoids usually as a first line of defence against infection, bacteria and viruses.

The Symptoms include:

  • Sore throat
  • Nasal sound while talking
  • Difficulty in pronunciation of certain letters
  • Snoring
  • Runny nose
  • Difficulty in breathing through nose
  • Complications of Adenoiditis are Sinusitis, Ear Infection and Chest Infections like pneumonia, etc.

If you have symptoms like the above, it is strongly recommended that you consult a doctor to avoid associated complications.

However, there are some immediate first-aid remedies which you can use at home.

First-Aid for Adenoiditis :

Golden Milk: Add a pinch of turmeric powder and black pepper powder to a glass of warm milk. Drink before going to bed. It helps to relieve congestion, reduces pain and swelling.

Anti-Adenoid Chutney: Add a few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of pepper powder to a teaspoon of honey. Give this mixture to your child at least twice a day. Honey has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which reduce the size of enlarged adenoids.

Foods to Avoid During Adenoiditis

  • Acidic Food: Avoid drinks that are too acidic, such as citrus juices, curds and buttermilk as these can aggravate symptoms.
  • Hard and Crunchy Foods: Crunchy chips, hard bread and nuts can increase the inflammation.
  • Cold Food: Avoid cold and refrigerated food. Cold food also includes tender coconut water, cut fruits especially at night, cold milk, chutneys of mint/coconut etc. 

Ayurvedic Treatment for Adenoiditis

Nirogam offers some excellent Ayurvedic, easy-to-take medicines for Adenoids.

Koldoff tablet - 2 tablets twice daily

Kanchanar Guggulu and Sitopaladi churna with honey are extremely effective in treating Adenoiditis.

Ayurvedic treatments like Nasya, Dhumapana, etc. also help to address this problem. If the symptoms persist after a couple of weeks, it is advised to consult a doctor for a thorough examination.

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