During summer, we need to take some extra precautions to beat the heat. Drink more water or fluids, avoid pungent, salty and acidic foods as well as wear light coloured clothes preferably cotton clothes and avoid strenuous workouts.

An Ayurvedic lifestyle will help you maintain optimum health through the different seasons.

1. Morning: It is best to wake up early in the morning, if possible before sunrise. During this hour the freshness in the air is incomparable and includes good amount of oxygen.

2. Removal of Waste Product from the Body: First thing in the morning drink two to three glasses of water for easy elimination of waste products from the body. If you are constipated or face stomach problems then your doshas are imbalanced and need to be corrected.

3. Take Good Care of your Eyes, Nose and Ears: Cleanse your eyes with rose water, it will rejuvenate the eyes and ease out any kind of irritation caused due to dust or pollution. You can put two drops of sesame oil mixed with water when you wash your ears. Apply Anu Tailam or Shadbindu oil inside the nostrils, this helps in cleaning the sinuses.

4. Yoga: Yoga is essential for maintaining optimum balance of the doshas as well as the mind. Even if it is not possible for you to do a full session of yogic kriyas, you must atleast practice some basic yoga asanas or kriyas. Like, Surya Namaskara, this yoga exercise involves several yoga postures which is beneficial for entire body. Pranayama helps in maintaining dosha balance. You must avoid excessive physical workouts during summer.

5. Massage: You must massage you body everyday. It helps in opening the pores in the skin and also delays ageing. Body massage also helps in improving the blood circulation of the skin.

6. Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We all know this fact but do not abide by it. You must start your day with healthy but light food. A simple yet healthy breakfast will give you a kick-start and will be easy on the stomach.

7. Water after meals: According to Ayurveda you must not drink water directly after having a meal. Wait for at least an hour to drink water after eating food. Right after eating food, the stomach is in the process of digesting what you ate and the stomach temperature rises up to 88-90 degree Fahrenheit. Drinking water interrupts with the stomach temperature, hence it should be avoided.

8. Work: Your work impacts your health to a great extent. Try to get into a job or career which gives you enough opportunity to manage your health as well as diet. Extremely stressful jobs should be avoided.

9. Dinner: The best time to have dinner is seven or eight in the evening. However, most people are unable to follow this routine due to hectic lifestyles. You must try to eat your dinner as early as possible.

10: Sleep: You must not go to sleep directly after eating your dinner. There should be a gap of atleast two hours after dinner and before you go to bed. Also you must not lie down right after eating a meal. You must sleep for seven to eight hours every night to allow your body to rejuvenate and refresh itself.

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