The following remedies and medicines would be beneficial in case of lactose intolerance.

  • Have a glass of chamomile tea daily.
  • Saffron also inhibits the formation of gas and relieves of lactose intolerance.

Dairy products can be made easier to digest by following these methods:

1.  Milk  -Milk must be mixed in equal quantities of water. It must be boiled along with digestion promoting spices like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger or cloves and consumed warm.

2.  Butter – Butter must be clarified in to ghee form. Ghee is sweeter and lighter in cooking and also encourages digestion. It is also more stable, lactose-free and suitable for all physical constitutions.

3.  Cheese – Cheese must be consumed with digestive anti-dotes like black pepper to negate its mucous-forming effects. Young white cheese like ricotta, feta or paneer are better than hard yellow cheeses as they are easier and lighter to digest.

4.  Yogurt – Yogurt congests the nasal channels, hence it’s better to consume it as warm buttermilk or as a light lassi.

5.  Cream and Ice-Cream  – Cream or Ice-Cream must be generally avoided by everyone as they are heavy and difficult to digest. If you’re going to eat them, it’s best to eat them in-between meals or on their own. It should be followed by drinking warm ginger tea.

Increasing tolerance to lactose  – Start by drinking 1 tbsp. of milk every day, building up to 1 glass over a six week time period. It’s best to use, non-homogenized, vat pasteurized milk which is easier to digest.

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