Does Depression Reduce the Chances of Conceiving a Baby?Your chances of getting pregnant will depend not only on your physical health but also on your mental health. If you have been stressed with work, financial problems or family issues then it is more likely that you will not conceive according to your wish. As you fail in your attempts, there are chances that you feel more depressed day by day. You are pressurised because your biological clock is ticking. This further delays your pregnancy.

Not all infertility problems are explained by emotional ill health in women. But you canโ€™t disagree with me on the fact that emotional well being of the partners, especially that of the woman is very important for conception. When you are depressed you tend to neglect your health totally. If you have hidden fears, past hurt, ambivalence regarding parenthood, fear and childhood experiences of rejection and poor bonding in your subconscious mind you may face problems in conceiving. And in this phase, nature would not bless you with a baby who demands more care and attention from you.

  • You need stress busters. Learn and practise the best relaxation techniques that suits you. Uncover, recognise, and heal any spiritual blockages to ensure a positive experience with motherhood.
  • Remember your doctor. Take your pap smear and breast exam. You doctor will help you with your existing medical conditions and pre-natal tablets (folic acid).
  • Before you get ready for the new member in the family you simply have to bring about a positive change in your lifestyle. Change your food habits from quick fixes in the kitchen to the freshest, healthiest and varied foods.
  • Quit smoking, alcohol and caffeine. Caffeine is believed to cause obstruction in the flow of blood to the uterus.
  • Donโ€™t forget your physical welfare. You need exercise.
  • Ifย  you or your partner is exposed to hazardous substances at your workplace then you will have to consider a new job.
  • You may also need to be aware of your cycle. And, rest for at least five minutes on your back after your intercourse. Be patient.
  • Check your health. You are healthy only if you are free from lifestyle diseases like diabetes or have them under control.
  • Use a natural remedy to relax and enhance your fertility. Fig essence, Cauliflower, Avocado and Wild Iris are great remedies for subconscious pain, emotional tension, to encourage emotional and physical intimacy and to flush out all your fears and doubts.

Leave the past behind you, enjoy the present given to you and long for the bundle of love that the future can give you.