Did You Know Okra Can Help Reduce Your Sugar Levels?

  • Okra [Bhindi] is high in fiber, most of which is soluble in water.
  • This fiber stabilizes the sugar level as it slows the absorption of sugar from the intestine into the blood stream.
  • The fiber acts against constipation and also reduces serum cholesterol, which reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Okra is also rich in vitamin B, which helps repair the nerve damage caused by diabetes.

So, eat raw okra twice in the morning, twice in the afternoon and twice in the night. If you think raw okra is too much for you to take in, you can follow this method if you like.

Cut 2-3 okra in the center and put them in a glass full of water. Leave this overnight and remove the okra from the water in the morning and drink it. This will reduce your sugar levels.

Now, to the main part, just because you have the okra strategy, don’t go back to eating the fired/sugar loaded foods. Maintain a proper diet and avoid sugary foods otherwise all the work okra did for you will go vain.

Do you like Okra?

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