Discover the Amazing Health Benefits of Nisoth Herb!

Discover the amazing benefits of Nishoth herb (Operculina turpethum):

  • Grind a mixture of 50 gm Nishoth powder, 10 gm pepper and 25 gm sugar. Lick 1/4tsp of this powder with honey to relieve indigestion.
  • Mix Nishoth powder with sugar in 1:1 ratio. Take 10 gm of this mixture twice in a day to cure jaundice.
  • Nishoth helps to clean the stomach and cures fever caused by Tridoshas imbalance.
  • Nishoth is beneficial in treating swelling, piles and constipation.

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One thought on “Discover the Amazing Health Benefits of Nisoth Herb!

  • July 23, 2017 at 9:17 am

    Nishoth:Is a useful hearb for me.I feel relax in my swelling feet useing this hearb.

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