What Are Dreams Made Of? And What Do They Mean?

Dreams could have any number of meanings or no meaning at all.  It all depends on your own belief system and how eager you are to find the meaning behind every dream.  Dreams could be a pleasant escape from a mundane reality or could be something that you wish so hard for in real life that it manifests itself in your dream leaving you with a faint sense of contentment.

If you've had a strange dream and want to find the meaning, check this out:  The Dream Dictionary!  Someone has painstakingly collected the meanings of different dreams and put it together here.  Who knows what you would learn about yourself from your dreams?  If you feel the meaning has some modicum of truth to it, share it with us!

They also have an International Association for the Study of Dreams and they are meeting next year in Netherlands:  It All Starts With a Dream.

And to top it all off, here's someone who has compiled dreams from around the world and calls it ‘Dreams World Atlas‘.



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