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Summer season is a great time to indulge in your favourite drinks, isn’t it? Iced tea, yummy mango shakes or colas are some of the drinks that almost everyone relishes. But have you ever wondered if these drinks are actually beneficial for you?

Let us find out more about some drinks that are extremely harmful for your wellness:

  1. Carbonated drinks:

All the carbonated drinks are full of empty calories. They have loads of sugar content that gives you instant energy rush for an hour or so and then you start craving for them again as the sugar rush wears down. They have zero nutritional value and all that sugar in the colas make you pile on extra kilos very easily and quickly.

All the fizz and sugar also puts great strain on your liver and kidneys to filter them out of your body. Their continuous consumption may even trigger diabetes.

It is very harmful for everyone especially for kids as carbonated drinks are so acidic in nature that their regular intake erodes your bone density and destroys the inner lining of your intestines.

  1. Energy drinks:

Sipping an energy drink sounds a good idea after a rigorous workout? But not really! If you count the amount of calories you put back into your body. Irregular heartbeat, stroke, heart attack, loss of consciousness are some of the side effects of regular consumption of energy drinks.

  1. Shakes and smoothies:

If you order a chocolate or mango shake in a restaurant, then rest assured that you will be served loads of calories in your seemingly refreshing drink. Same goes for readymade smoothies. These shakes and smoothies are made with full fat milk, cream, and a high amount of sugar or sweeteners to make them taste yummy.

They are more likely to increase your cholesterol levels and strain your liver.

A better option is to make these shakes and smoothies at home. You may use low fat milk and fresh fruits or veggies and at the same time control the amount of sugar that goes into your drink.

  1. Packaged Fruit juices:

Packaged fruit juices contain added sugar and preservatives. The sugar content and preservatives are toxins in your body and adds immense pressure on your kidneys to filter them out.  Regular consumption of preservatives lowers your ability to absorb Vitamin D3 and causes Vitamin D deficiency.

It is a better choice to drink fresh fruit juices instead minus the sweeteners to get the necessary nutrients that you may need.

  1. Iced tea:

Think twice before you order iced tea. Most flavours of iced teas contain so much added sugar that it can easily fill you with hundreds of empty calories and make your weight go spiraling up. It may also stain your teeth, erode tooth enamel and cause cavities.

If you are aiming for weight loss, then it won’t do you any good to go for iced tea. If you must have it, make it at home and add a few drops of lemon juice or a little brown sugar instead of refined sugar or other sweeteners.

  1. Flavoured water:

You get packaged water in many flavours in the market. Peach, mint, orange or lemon, whichever flavour you guzzle down, will only add to your calorie intake.

Do not fall in for those fake promises of added vitamins and minerals.  These artificial sources of nutrients are not good for your liver and kidney health. It is always better to go for plain water instead of flavoured ones.

  1. Hot chocolate:

Almost everyone loves hot chocolate. But it is not a great idea to drink hot chocolate too often. It gives you extra calories in the form of sugar and full fat milk. It may cause tooth decay in kids.

Whenever you buy any packaged drink, read the label carefully. Find out the number of calories and  the amount of added sugar and other preservatives that come along with the drink. Choose what drinks you should drink wisely- think before you drink!