We all love shortcuts. Here are eight shortcuts to good health that will get you hooked instantly.

1. Cardiovascular Activity

The required: Half an hour half an hour of cardiovascular activity everyday is what any health specialist will recommend. Such a routine will help in lowering the bad cholesterol also known as LDL and increase the good cholesterol, also called HDL. It also improves the cardiovascular health as well as reducing the risk of diseases like diabetes and heart ailments.

The Shortcut: Walk for ten to fifteen minutes everyday. Short walks are beneficial for the cardiovascular health in the long run. Few ways to get maximum benefits:
a) Use your lunch and evening breaks to take a brisk walk.
b) Do not use the elevator or escalator, take the staircase instead.
c) Instead of taking your car to the supermarket for those small errands, walk!

2. Fresh Veggies and Fruits

The required: Dieticians recommend six to nine servings of fresh vegetables and fruits every day for good health. Having sufficient servings of fruits and vegetables provides you with much needed nutrients and also fiber.

The Shortcut: The following shortcuts cannot be compared to the health benefits of fresh vegetables and fruits, but they do come close:
a) Snack on dried fruits instead of having junk food.
b) Keep a serving of fruit or vegetable salad next to you while you are working, before you know it the plate will be empty. While you are working your mind is pre occupied and you may not notice how fast you have eaten up the entire serving.
c) If you still feel that you are missing out on nutrients then take a multivitamin or even a herbal supplement.
d) Have canned fruits, vegetables and juice. They are less health but healthy none the less.

3. Sleep

The required: Seven hours of sleep is mandatory for all. Sleeping for fewer hours can be really bad for your health. Studies and research have concluded that those who slept for fewer hours are more likely to suffer from hypertension than those who get sufficient hours of sleep. Lack of sleep has also been linked to weight gain and a weak immune system.

The shortcut: If you have not been able to get the required hours of sleep then take a short nap. Research has shown that those who take short naps everyday have a much lower risk of dying because of heart ailment as compared to those who never nap during the day. Take a quick nap for ten to twenty minutes when you reach back home from work. If you have to travel to work, then try napping on the way back.

4. Fish

The required: Have fish atleast two times in a week. Oily fishes like trout, salmon and sardines are loaded with EPA as well as DHA omega three fatty acids. The fatty acids from fish have been found to reduce the chances of getting heart ailments and it also enhances the immunity to fight against most diseases.

The Shortcut: If you cannot eat fish twice a week then include fish oil and flaxseed to your everyday diet. You can start by sprinkling some flaxseed on your salads or even oatmeal. Grinded flaxseeds are healthier than whole flaxseeds. You can also ask your health specialist for a fish oil supplement.

Next four shortcuts to better health isĀ in next post.