Dementia refers to the disorders of the brain i.e., a “progressive decline in the cognitive function due to damage or disease in the body” other than what is caused by aging. Dementia changes one’s personality, one’s ability to do the normal activities and to solve common problems. Patients lose their memory and control over their emotions. And there is no medicine to reverse this brain damage permanently.

Recent studies conducted by a group of researchers from Kaiser Permanente has come up with startling findings. According to them, people who carry three times more fat in the belly or waist are at risk of developing dementia. Dementia may develop as they near their 70s or 80s. Science has always pointed out a connection between dementia and diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. And people with apple-shaped body are at higher risk than others.

According to health experts, your health will be mainly dependent on your body shape, it being apple-shaped or pear-shaped. People who have apple-shaped bodies will have their fat stored in their middle part including the abdomen, chest and surrounding internal organs. They are often linked with health problems like stroke, high blood pressure and gall bladder disease and so on. They may also have anxiety and too much stress. And long-term stress again causes more fat to accumulate. Women may develop the apple-shaped figure in their later life, especially after menopause. Pear-shaped figures have their fat in their hips and their hips are wider than their shoulders. They are generally at a lower risk until they gain fat in their upper body falling prone to health issues.

Belly fat releases chemicals like leptin which are damaging to the brain. Toxins and hormones so released may lead to plaque build-up in the brain. Doctors say that if the waist in women is larger than 35 inches and 40 inches in men then it is a reason to worry. The other at health risk are the lean people with a noticeably protruding belly. This new find urges the people to lose weight in the area where it is stored. And then to work it out as needed. It is not just losing weight but losing it aptly.

A few tips to lose belly fat and gain brain power:

  1. Get some physical activity. That is the key to most of the health issues we face today. If you have been redundant for a while you cannot get up one day and start running. Try to get yourself a pleasurable exercise at least for 10 minutes everyday. And slowly increase it to 20 and 30. It should be a pleasure than a chore.
  2. Drink lots of water (7-8 glasses a day) and just water. Any other drink can give you some calories.
  3. Do not skip meals. Starving does not help much. Healthy snacks every 2-3 hours are good for your metabolism. Never skip your breakfast however busy you are.
  4. Take your mind off your worries and relax. Do not feel down, anxious and worried. Give yourself the necessary perk-ups. Get a friend to give a pep talk whenever you need it.
  5. Get adequate sleep.

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