Gynecological Exam: A Discomforting Experience For Women

In this post we are not going to discuss about natural cures or herbal remedies but a very intricate situation which almost every woman have to undergo once in a while. We are talking about gynecological exams here which although lasts only for few minutes but ends up being a traumatic experience for one out of ten women. Some women find this experience extremely embarrassing and experience dryness of the mouth, tension in the muscles and sweaty palms. Few women turn pale and pass out during or after a gynecological exam.

It is very important that you undergo gynecological exam at least once in a year to test you for any health problems associated with the reproductive system or pelvic region. A gynecological exam is important to determine any unusual growth in the breast or for any signs of sexually transmitted disease. Although, this examination is very important, however, some women still avoid it because of discomfort or embarrassment. At times, many health problems go undetected because one gets jitters before or during a gynecological exam.

If you are nervous about going for a gynecological exam then here are some of the things you can do to ease the jitters. But more importantly, you need to understand that there is nothing wrong with a gynecological examination. It is for your own good.

How To Prepare For Your Gynecological Exam

1.    The right timing: Women may experience tenderness of the breast before or while they are in their menstrual period. If you schedule your gynecological examination after your menstrual period then you will experience lesser tenderness or pain during the examination.

2.    An empty bladder: If your bladder is empty before the examination then you will experience lesser discomfort during your gynecological exam. It is also easier for your doctor to examine your uterus, ovaries as well as fallopian tubes if the bladder is empty. An empty bladder also betters the reliableness of the gynecologist’s findings.

3.    Keep wearing your socks: If the weather is cold or you are feeling cold then keep wearing your socks as it will make you more comfortable. Also, don’t hesitate in asking your doctor to adjust the heel rest for better ease.

4.    Communicate with your doctor: Tell your gynecologist that such an intricate examination makes you highly uncomfortable. This way the doctor will know what you are going through and will be gentler. Also, if any part of the gynecological exam causes hurt, then tell the same to your doctor.

5.    Breathe easy: for some women the most uncomfortable part of the gynecological exam may be when the gynecologist takes a tissue sample. This may be a strange feeling for almost everybody. If you are tense then taking a tissue sample may be more discomforting than it has to be. The best way to ease jitters is by taking long and easy breaths. So breathe in and breathe out, long and easy.

6.    Relax: Place your palms on top of muscles of the stomach which becomes very tight and uneasy while the gynecological exam is being conducted. When you feel how tight your stomach muscles are you can try to relax them.

7. Use your imagination: Focusing entirely on the gynecological examin will increase the discomfort. Imagine that you are some place doing something you enjoy.

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