Hashimoto’s Disease is an autoimmune ailment and the main cause of hypothyroidism. This disease causes massive inflammation of the thyroid glands which results in low production of thyroid hormones and gradually leads to hypothyroidism. The Hashimoto’s disease is called an autoimmune disease because the immune system produces antibodies that attack the tissues in one’s own body. This disease is more usually observed in people between the age group of thirty to fifty. Women are more susceptible to Hashimoto’s Disease.

The symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease
The symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease change as the stage progresses and severity increases.

Symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease in early stage:
–    Weight gain
–    Fatigue
–    Joint pain
–    Muscle pain
–    Intolerance towards cold
–    Pale skin
–    Brittle nails that break easily
–    Thinning of hair
–    Constipation
–    Feeling of depression

Symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease in later stage:
–    Decreases sense of smell and taste
–    Face, hand and feet become swollen
–    Throaty harshness
–    Dryness of the skin
–    Menstrual periods become irregular
–    Losing hair from the eyebrows
–    Slow Speech

These symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease may also be observed anytime:
–    Loss of appetite
–    Swelling in other parts of the body
–    Sleepiness
–    Hair loss
–    Stiffness in the joints
–    Dryness in the hair
–    Reduced coordination in body movements
–    Muscle atrophy, pain and cramps

The remedies for Hashimoto’s Disease:
No exact cure has been discovered for Hashimoto’s disease. However, you can easily manage and keep Hashimoto’s disease under control with herbal cures, home remedies and diet control.

1. Bladderwrack Tea
Bladderwrack is a form of kelp that has been used medicinally for centuries especially for curing Hashimoto’s Disease. The active ingredients found in Bladderwrack are iodine, fucoidan and alginic acid. These ingredients have positive effect on the symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease.  You can get dried Bladderwrack to make herbal tea; however, Bladderwrack herbal teabags are also available now a days.

2. Coconut and coconut oil:
Coconut and coconut oil has been known to be greatly helpful in keeping the symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease under control. Coconut and its oil also enhance the function of the thyroid gland. Coconut and its oil helps in improving the health when suffering from Hashimoto’s Disease and it also aids weight issues associated with this disease. You can use coconut oil for all your cooking needs. One teaspoon of Coconut oil can also be consumed directly just like medicinal syrup. Try and use extra virgin coconut oil.

If coconut oil is not available then use sunflower, sesame or olive oil. Avoid using cron, soybean, canola and rapeseed oils for cooking.

3. Bach Flower Remedies
Bach Flower essences are useful in keeping many of the symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease as well as hypothyroidism under control. The following three Bach Flower essences are the most common essences used by Hashimoto’s disease patients.
–    Wild Rose: Take two drops of wild rose essence and mix it in water. Sip this water throughout the day. This remedy manages tiredness and depression associated with Hashimoto’s disease.
–    Elm: take two drops of elm essence and mix it in water again. Sip this water throughout the day. This remedy helps in restoring the health while suffering from Hashimoto’s disease.
–    Crab Apple: take two drops of crab apple essence and mix it in water again. Sip this water throughout the day to cleanse the body.

More Hashimoto’s Disease natural cure and remedies will be explained in the coming post.