Aside from being stimulating, there are also many health benefits of cold shower that we should know of. Some may find it shocking and even uncomfortable but there are so many health benefits of cold shower that makes up for the discomfort caused. Cold showers improves the blood circulation, helps get rid of the toxins in the body and improves energy levels.

The health benefits of cold shower are:

1. Better blood circulation:
A good blood circulation is important for proper functioning of the cardiovascular parts. A good blood circulation also helps restore the energy levels after a tiring physical workout session or any physical activity. A bath which involves switching between hot and cold shower is all the more good for the blood circulation. Health benefits of cold shower forces the blood to move swiftly to organs and keep them active. Warm or hot water has a reverse effect and it prompts the water to move towards the skin surface. Health benefits of cold shower stimulates the circulatory system and keeps it healthier, as compared to when you take a hot water shower.

2. Provides relief in depression:
People in older days believed that the health benefits of cold shower bath helps cure depression. Great men who had to take life changing decisions everyday suffered from bouts of depression but also took advantage of the health benefits of cold shower baths to improve their mental stability. One such example is that of Henry David Thoreau. Henry took daily baths in chilly water in the Walden Pond to return back to sanity. A research done by Department of Radiation Oncology at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine indicated that health benefits of cold shower may be helpful in stimulating the “blue spot” of the brain. This concludes that people who suffer from brief bouts of sadness or blues may take short cold water baths to spring back to life.

3. Good for skin and hair:
Hot water dries up the moisture in the skin and hair. A hot water bath may make your skin dry, flaky, itchy and your elbows ashy. On the other hand health benefits of cold shower does not dry the natural moisture from the body and improves the blood circulation which is good for the skin as well as the hair health. Cold water closes up the cuticles as well as your pores which makes your skin look healthier.

4. Immunity:
A study done by Thrombosis Research Institute in England in 1993 concluded that health benefits of cold shower helped in improving the white blood cells activity which helps reduce virus attacks. The research also showed positive results for cold water showers in improving metabolism which helps in activating the immunity and increases the number of white blood cells.

5. Testosterone levels:
The study by Thrombosis Research Institute also indicated that the health benefits of cold shower baths may actually increase testosterone levels in men. An increased testosterone level increases the libido in men and also improves their physical energy levels. So next time you take a bath do not switch on your geyser.

6. Fertility:
A research done by University of California at San Francisco included a group of men who were exposed to thirty minutes of hot baths or wet heat for about a week. Later the men had to cut the hot bath and their sperm count increased by about five hundred percent. So next time you are trying to enter fatherhood avoid taking a hot water bath and switch to colder water.

Tip: If you are having trouble taking a cold water shower, start with lukewarm water and gradually lower the temperature. And please do not try this if you have cold, flu or any other ailment.