Are These Health Myths or Facts?

Here are some new claims that things which you believed to be healthy were in fact myths.

1. Myth: Liver detox with lemon, cayenne and warm water. This helps flush toxins from the body. Fact: Liver is constantly working throughout the day doing its function of eliminating toxins from the body and there's actually no such thing as ‘detoxing'. Irrespective of whether you drink the lemon combo, your liver will continue to do its work.

2. Myth: Having a glass of green juice everyday to keep the body in an alkaline state so that you won't get any diseases. Fact: Having a green juice is a good thing but it has nothing to do with maintaining the pH of your body as each body part has different pH values.

3. Myth: Eliminating refined sugars helps weight loss. Fact: You still need to exercise the same and battle out the calories to lose weight.

4. Myth: Lastly, fasting everyday to detox your body. Fact: Fasting is good for your metabolism but is not a detox method.

Do you believe these are just myths? Or do you have any experience to share? Read more here and let us know what you think is right.

One thought on “Are These Health Myths or Facts?

  • April 30, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    Pl give me name of tab. Sent to me for lower back pain as I need one more bottle

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