Apart from eating right and avoiding junk food, the manner in which we eat is also influencing our digestive systems. Here are some facts which would help us achieve healthy eating habits.

Simply cooked foods are the best

Do you or your spouse spend hours in the kitchen to prepare gastronomic delights? If this is the case you need to change your habits because food should be simply cooked according to nutritionists as excessive spices and complicated cooking can remove the essential oils and nutrients from the food.

Take only 2 meals instead of three

Reducing three main meals a day to two would really help to maintain the vitality of the digestive tracts and give them enough time to rest also. This is because one should not eat at least for 5-6 hours after a meal. Hence, if we eat 3 main meals, we would not get time to snack nutritious supplements and refresh the digestive system.

Have a good (Royal) breakfast

Breakfast should be the best meals of the day and a poorly designed one can lay your meal plan hay wire. Since you eat after eight to nine hours during your breakfast your stomach is in the best condition to digest food at this time. On the other hand, a poor breakfast can lead to acidity and bloated ness on account of gas accumulation.

Don’t eat anything before going to bed

When you are sleeping your metabolism is at its minimum. The food which you eat before going to bed is not digested or consumed by the body. If you are habitual to eating before bed time, a drink in form of fresh milk or fruit would be the best as they are easier to digest. However, the habit is best forgotten.

Avoid eating a complicated designed meal with many dishes

Are you invited for dinner tonight? Do you enjoy brunches and buffets? These habits need to be changes as it is not a good idea to mix a variety of foods in a single meal. Soups, starters, main course and desserts with biryanis, roast chicken, barbeque, pies, pizzas, tuna fish, cakes, puddings and sundaes are all composed of different nurtrients which require a different treatment in digestion. Hence eating a complicated meal would add to the strain on the body and in the course none would be completely digested.

Chew food well

The process of digestion begins in the mouth when the food is chewed and saliva starts its action to break down the carbohydrates. The pace at which you eat doesn’t determine how well you eat as if the food isn’t chewed properly, it would not be digested and absorbed by the body. Hence, take your time and make sure you are chewing and not gulping.

Don’t drink water with meals

Drinking water with meals is not suitable as liquid with solid food would only delay digestion. This is because the liquid needs to be absorbed before digestion of solid food begins.

Say no to hot and cold

Extreme temperatures also add burden on the stomach as digestion best happens at body temperature. Hence eating as close to body temperature helps. Never mix vegetables with fruits as the nutrition offered and texture of either is different.

– Gunjan

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