Herbal Remedies For Jaundice – An Overview

Jaundice is a disorder caused due to an imbalance of the pitta Dosha. It is known as Kamala in ayurveda. An increased circulation of bile pigment in the blood is the cause of jaundice. The pitta Dosha is responsible for controlling the bile pigments. Jaundice is an ailment of the liver. Jaundice is caused if there is a blockage in the bile duct or when the red blood corpuscles are destroyed. One of the most prominent symptoms of jaundice is that the skin of the patient turns yellow in color. The yellowish color may also be observed in the eyes or the fingernails of the patient. Even the stool and urine turns yellowish. The yellow color indicates an excess of bile that is in circulation. Other symptoms of jaundice are indigestion and weakness. The patients also complain of itchiness while suffering from jaundice.

Herbal Remedies For  Jaundice

1. Berberis:

Berberis is also referred to as Jaundice berry because of its ability to heal this condition. They are not only helpful as herbal remedies for jaundice but also in treating liver related disorders. One quarter teaspoon of Berberis tonic must be given to the patients two to four times in a day. Berberis tonic is bitter in taste but is extremely beneficial as helpful herbal remedies for jaundice patients. If berberis tonic is unavailable then you can also give the patients berberis extracts.

2. Chicory:

The best part about chicory plant is that all its parts can be used to treat liver disorders. However, most commonly parts of chicory plant are its flowers, seeds as well as roots. Chicory juice is helpful in curing sluggish liver, blockage in the bile flow as well as an enlarged spleen. All the above mentioned problems are associated with jaundice and if they are healed then the jaundice is healed. These herbal remedies for jaundice also helps in promoting healthy bile secretion.

3. Gokulakanta

The root of this plant has strong action against liver disorders such as jaundice as well as hepatitis. Prepare an infusion of the Gokulakanta root in water and give the herbal remedies for jaundice to the patient two to three times in a day for speedy recovery.

4. Indian aloe:

Indian aloe has potent action against liver related problems including jaundice. For effective cure, take the pulp of one leaf of Indian aloe and mix it with little ginger juice and black salt. Give the herbal remedies for jaundice to the  patient for at least ten days first thing in the morning.

5. Indian Sorrel:

This herb is extremely helpful in treating jaundice. These types of helpful herbal remedies for jaundice must be taken along with buttermilk that is made from cow’s milk.

6. Picrorhiza:

Picrorhiza herbs are a very helpful herbal remedies for jaundice. In ayurveda it is commonly known as kutki. Mix the powder of this herb in hot water and have it twice in a day.

7. Snake Gourd:

An infusion of the leaves of snake gourd can be taken as helpful herbal remedies for jaundice. It is commonly taken along with coriander.

8. Turpeth:

Turpeth is one of the best Ayurvedic or  herbal remedies for jaundice. In ayurveda it is referred to as nisoth. Mix the powder of this herb in hot water and have it two times in a day.

Aside from herbal remedies for jaundice, patients are should also take care of their diet:

Jaundice patients must have the following foods for faster recovery: sweet fruit juice, dry grapes, Pomegranate, fresh vegetables cooked in less oil, bitter vegetables and buttermilk without butter

The following foods must be avoided: spicy foods, fatty foods, curd and alcohol.

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