Home Remedies For Cracked Heels: Overview

Cracked heels are mainly caused when less attention is paid to foot care along with overexposure to harsh surfaces. In medical terms cracked heels are referred to as heel fissures. Usually it is not a painful condition; however, if care is not taken and the cracks deepen then it may cause immense pain and infection. Cracks may appear on any part of the body due to lack of moisture but they are more common on the heels of the feet. Walking, running, climbing … any physical activity requires the use of feet and the constant use makes it prone to cracks. But these cracks can be easily avoided with daily care and they are truly avoidable if you do some home remedies for cracked heels.

If dry cracks start appearing around your heels then you may also be facing a deficiency of zinc or omega 3 fatty acids.

Cracked heels does not pose any major health concern, however, you must attend to them at the earliest by following some home remedies for cracked heels. Delay in treating the cracks may cause them to deepen and may cause bleeding. Deep cracks may also be prone to infection.

Cracked heels are more common in people who are constantly moving on rough surfaces barefoot. Older people may suffer from cracked heels more often as the sebum production in the body is reduced with age. A cracked heel is a recurrent condition and needs little attention on daily basis by practicing some home remedies for cracked heels.

The main causes of cracked heels:

1.    Dry skin: Some people have dry skin as compared to others. People with dry skin are more susceptible to suffering from cracked heels.
2.    Physical activity: Continuous standing for long hours or working on rough hard surfaces leads to cracks in the feet.
3.    Overweight: More pressure is exerted on the pad below the heels for those who are overweight. This pressure causes the pad to push sideways and if the skin is dry then this pressure causes cracks around the feet.
4.    Uncomfortable sandals: certain shoes and sandals cause the body to exert more pressure on the heels causing it to push sideways and lead to cracks.
5.    Other diseases: certain diseases may reduce the natural healing ability of the body to treat cracks in the heels. Some of these diseases are athlete’s foot, eczema, diabetes, excessive dry skin, psoriasis as well as thyroid.
6.    Overexposure to water: hard water reduces the natural oil production of the skin by making it more dry and rough. Prolonged exposure to hard water can cause dryness and heels to cracks.

Simple everyday home remedies for cracked heels:

1.    Keep your feet clean and free from dirt as much as possible.
2.    Relax your feet by alternating between hot and cold water bath.
3.    Keep your feet moisturized
4.    Exfoliate your feet as much as possible.
5.    Avoid doing any physical activity barefoot. Wear a pair of socks as often as possible.
6.   Avoid spending long time in damp area barefoot. While doing household chores like washing clothes or mopping make sure your feet are dry. One of the home remedies for cracked heels is to try and avoid the soapy water from coming in contact with your feet. Detergents are used as cleaning agents as they can break down oil, if it comes in contact with your feet then it will only worsen the cracks by increasing dryness.
7.    After taking your bath apply a nice moisturizer around your heels.

In the coming post we shall discuss some very easy home cures to treat cracked heels.