You are diabetic!

That’s probably the worst news you heard that day. And may be that year. You realize you got to be careful from now on on what you eat, how you walk and how you take your medications.


You blame it on your genes, parents, grandmother, your great aunt, or your work, or the callous lifestyle you lead. You have got diabetes type 2!
Nirogam Diabetes Kit

What if your diabetes has got little to do with your grandmother?

Of course, your genes play a big role in getting you diabetes.  Just having a diabetic parent or a grandma cannot make you diabetic. It is but true that having diabetes running in your family predisposes you to the disease. And the environmental factors further support your genes in their sincere efforts. Your:

  1. Overweight
  2. Sedentary lifestyle
  3. Taking medical conditions like PCOS, high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc.
  4. Chronic stress

These 4 situations support your diabetic grandmother’s genes to pull you in to the diabetic net. Out of these, the first two are avoidable and the last two are manageable. Agreed.
Now, here is the bummer!

Medications too can cause Diabetes. This’s called Drug-induced Diabetes.

Lots of medications which are prescribed have side effects including raised blood sugar levels. When my father was taken ill to a hospital they say a spike in his sugar levels as well as in blood pressure. My father was disheartened as he was active, fit and maintained a strict watch on his diet. The doctor assured him that this variation was temporary and that the moment he was taken off these drugs, he would find everything back normal. And he was right. reminds their readers that “tens of millions of Americans” are taking cholesterol lowering drugs (Statins). Thankfully, Dr. Mercola, points out several important things on Statins which helped me for this post :

Statins raise blood sugar by preventing liver from making cholesterol. Remember, that’s what they are hired for. So a rich meal would easily cause a spike in the blood sugar level. If this goes on for a ong time you end up with Diabetes. Statins also increase insulin levels and Insulin Resistance. And too much insulin in the body is harmful for the heart. Statins don’t stop there. They cut back the benefits of exercising, pop out the belly fat and rob you out of nutrients.
Beta blockers, thiazides and steroids stand hand in hand with Statins in inducing Diabetes. I read on that combined drug therapy of beta blockers along with thiazides poses a high risk factor for diabetes. If you are taking any of these drugs, you should talk to your doctor about your risk for getting diabetes. Many people commit a grave mistake here. They take the liberty to alter the doses or stop their medications on their own which is highly harmful.

Are you pre-diabetic?

You are now lucky!
Diagnosing pre-diabetes is luck. You still have a good chance of preventing diabetes at this stage. Many people fail to get pre-diabetes diagnosed. Good, regular physical activity, loosing weight, controlling the diet and sleeping well can help prevent or delay diabetes at this stage.
You should also discuss with your doctor if you are taking any other medicines as you are on borderline sugar levels.
Now that you know the other ways of ending up with diabetes you can be more cautious in your life from here on.
Nirogam’s Diabetes kit for:

  • Controlling high blood sugar
  • Prevents complications due to diabetes

Nirogam’s Diabetic combo consists a month’s dose of
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Nirogam Diabetes Kit