The first big step is to really make up your mind to begin with yoga for the sake of your wellness. Once you have decided you may feel intimidated by how, what and when’s. This article will help you start with the right kind of yoga regime for you.

1. Choose a Yoga Type: You may have to do a bit of research work in the beginning. You will come across several yoga classes and if you do not choose the right yoga class you may quit sooner than you expected. However, the right kind of yoga class will keep you hooked onto yoga forever.

For most people beginning with a yoga class the subtle forms of yoga like the hatha or the vinyasa will be highly suitable. You also have to decide whether you wish to join a slow paced or a fast paced yoga class. You should always start with simple and basic styles of yoga and then you can slowly progress to the fancier forms.

2. Find a motivating yoga class: You can search online for yoga classes in your surrounding area. You should also check the local magazines and newspapers for yoga classes.

Most importantly you must choose a yoga class that is near your home of workplace so that it is not an everyday effort to reach the class. Most gyms these days also offer yoga sessions. If you are a member of a gym then you must check with them or even consult your gym coach.

3. Yoga gear: In the beginning you just have to wear loose clothes to your class. Later on you can check with your yoga instructor for any other yoga equipment that you may need. Usually the yoga studios will provide you with basic gear like the mat… however if you wish to practice at home then you may need to invest some money here.

4. Know what to expect: You can request the yoga instructor to just take a look at the ongoing class when you go to inquire about the studio. That will give you a basic idea of what to expect.

Usually the students sit on a yoga mat facing the instructor. The mats are placed at a small distance from one another to give each student enough space to practice at ease. The class may begin with some simple stretching. In the beginning the instructor may guide you through simple chants, next you may be guided through some meditation techniques or breathing exercises, then the yoga poses will begin.

5. Yoga class or any other way to start on yoga: You may come across several yoga videos and books, they are all good and helpful, and however, learning directly from a guru cannot be substituted by anything. An instructor will guide you when you do a pose wrong and also teach you yoga as per your body style.

6. Several don’t that you must follow: Do not have a heavy meal right before the yoga session begins. Eat light that too couple of hours before the class commences. Do not drink water in between the class. Have some before and after the class. Do not wear socks and even shoes while practicing yoga. Do not wear tight clothes while practicing yoga.