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Discover the top 5 miraculous health benefits of Yashtimadhu or Liquorice:

– Chew sticks of Yashtimadhu to treat hoarse voice and throat inflammation.

– Drink a decoction of Yashtimadhu with 1tsp honey to alleviate dry cough.

– Take 1/2tsp Yashtimadhu powder with jaggery and water to relieve constipation.

– Drink 1tsp Yashtimadhu powder with sugared milk twice a day to increase lactation in women.

– Drink a mixture of 1tsp each of Yashtimadhu powder and sugar with water to relieve flatulence.

Important Note: 

Licorice should not be taken by those on diuretics, corticosteroids or any potassium-lowering medicine as it can cause further lowering of potassium to dangerous levels.  It should also not be taken by hypertensives and people with heart disease.  Pregnant women should avoid taking licorice in large quantities as it might increase the risk of pre-term labour. (Source: NCCIH)