What is Intermittent Claudication?

Intermittent claudication happens when plaque accumulates in the arteries of the legs, causing them to become narrow. This causes pain in the legs while performing strenuous activities. You may even experience pain after walking a very short distance. The narrowed arteries cause obstruction in blood flow, which reduces the circulation of oxygen in the leg muscles. This plaque that has accumulated in the arteries is caused mainly due to unhealthy living habits. So changing your lifestyle and adopting healthier methods like natural ayurvedic remedies is the first step in treating intermittent claudication.

Healthy Lifestyle Options To Treat Intermittent Claudication

1. Stop Smoking: Smoking is one the most harmful lifestyle choice that contributes to the development and growth of peripheral artery ailment that could lead to intermittent claudication. If you continue smoking then you will be faced with harmful consequences, as continuous smoking worsens claudication leading to amputation or even death. Second hand smoking should also be avoided.

2. Exercising: This may sound as a strange suggestion as intermittent claudication causes pain during exercising. Exercising tones the muscles in your legs and helps with proper oxygen transportation. With little mild exercises your leg muscles can utilize the little oxygen it receives much more effectively. With regular mild exercises your legs with start experiencing less pain. Do ask your doctor for a mild exercise routine. Do not perform any strenuous exercise on your own. If any physical activity causes immense discomfort then stop immediately and consult your doctor.

3. Manage your cholesterol levels: Please ask your doctor to monitor your cholesterol levels, if he has not already. Switch to a diet plan which controls your cholesterol intake by having low fat foods, more fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains. A low cholesterol diet combined with a mild exercise routine will help in managing the cholesterol levels better and improve your blood pressure which could prevent intermittent claudication.

4. Avoid specific medicines: Avoid drugs that make your blood vessel narrower. Several medicines for sinus or cold have a component known as pseudoephedrine which causes blood vessel to constrict.

5. Take care of your feet and legs: A further injury will only complicate the matter as the blood flow is already reduced. As we are not super-humans and we can not save ourselves from each and every injury being careful is the only option. Wear extremely comfortable footwear.

Herbs and Food that helps treat Intermittent Claudication:

1. Garlic: Garlic helps in reducing the cholesterol levels and also improves your blood pressure. It has also been used to treat intermittent claudication for many years. Garlic is also helpful in healing different types of cardiovascular problems. Have at least one garlic clove each day for faster healing.

2. Ginkgo: This herb is helpful in expand the arteries in the heart as well as that of the legs which improves the blood flow in the legs. Studies have suggested that 40 mg of Ginkgo herb everyday is healthy to heal intermittent claudication. Using ginkgo extracts instead of the dried leaves is better as it contains reasonably low concentrations of the active compounds.

3. Ginger: Several studies have indicated that ginger may be helpful in avoiding blood clotting just like garlic or an aspirin.

4. Purslane: Every possible cardiovascular problem happens or worsens due to saturated fats. Purslane is a herb which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, as the omegas are helpful in preventing cardiovascular problems.

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