How is your morning? Do you get up early or do you put your head under the sheets and feel like sleeping for 5 more mins? Do you want to put your alarm on snooze or do you tell yourself that today is the beginning of another journey? Is your snooze button your best friend or does it bug you?

I have experienced both kinds of mornings and personally found the mornings when I jump out of bed early are the ones that turn into fulfilling days.  My alarm is now my bestie who wakes me up for new challenges towards a new journey.

These tips help me leap out of bed every morning and take control of my day:

1. Get up early.

Try to get up an hour earlier than your normal routine.  When we get up early, we have plenty of time for ourselves. Do something which connects you to yourself. And early morning workout makes me feel good about myself.

2.  Meditate.

Try to meditate for a min to 5 mins in a calm and serene place.

3.  Exercise.

When we exercise, the blood flows and pumps oxygen to your brain. So exercise for at least 10-15 mins. Your exercise can be a 10 min run or climbing up and down stairs for 10 mins or jumping jacks or skipping rope for 5-10 mins.

4.  Listen to good music.

Listen to your favourite music as this can help calm your hurried thoughts and help you through the morning rush.

5.  Take a cold shower.

Nothing can perk you up like a cold shower!  It will dispel the last of your sleepiness and bring you to full wakefulness.

6.  Eat a big, healthy breakfast

Never skip breakfast.  Having a big, healthy breakfast that includes juices, cereals with nuts, fruits, and milk, and egg, will give you the strength you need to go through a hectic day at work.

Hope these tips will help you grab each new day with renewed vigour.  Tell us how you kick-start your day in the comments.