Learning Ayurveda: Tridosha (3 Humours of the Human Body)

The ‘Tridosha' Theory in Ayurveda defines the 3 humours of the body.

The tridosha are:

#1 Vata – the most important dosha.  If Vata is imbalanced, it can cause the other two doshas to become imbalanced too.  Vata works with the other two doshas to keep the body in perfect balance.

#2 Pitta – Energises and aids digestion and metabolism.   Pitta is instrumental in transformation.

#3 Kapha – Lubricates and transports nutrients.  It gives strength and vitality.

Each of these doshas are divided into 5 sub-types:

Vata Dosha Sub-Types

#1 Prana Vata

#2 Udana Vata

#3 Samana Vata

#4 Apana Vata

#5 Vyana Vata


Pitta Dosha Sub-Types

#1 Pachaka Pitta

#2 Ranjaka Pitta

#3 Alochaka Pitta

#4  Sadhaka Pitta

#5 Bharajaka Pitta


Kapha Dosha Sub-Types

#1 Kledaka Kapha

#2 Avalambhaka Kapha

#3 Tarpaka Kapha

#4 Bodhaka Kapha

#5  Shleshaka Kapha


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