The reason why people need to change to a low cholesterol diet is because high LDL poses serious health risk. People who have high cholesterol levels are more at risk of developing heart disease, liver disease and many other illnesses that come with high cholesterol numbers.

Vegetables and Fruits

Fruit and vegetable could be the two of the healthiest food groups available for people who have high cholesterol. Not only are these low cholesterol food but they also contain high levels of essential vitamins, minerals and fibre necessary for a well functioning body and overall well being. We need several servings of fruit and vegetables in a day in order to reach the recommended daily allowance we need to function well and be healthy.

Another thing that makes fruits and vegetable favourable is due to their low calorie content as well. This means that there is a reduced risk of calories turning into useless fat when not used.

Lean Meats

Meat is best avoided especially red meat. If you cannot give up eating meat, then opt for lean meats that have no fats or marbling and have high protein content as well as minerals and micronutrients that help the body manage and control high levels of bad cholesterol. Included in these kinds of meats are turkey, chicken and fish. They are also an excellent aid to our metabolism and helps to build muscles.

Seeds and Nuts

Seeds and nuts are rich n Omega 3, which makes them very good for managing bad cholesterol. They are also high fibre foods, which makes them great for flushing out and cleaning the digestive tract from any deposits that may have accumulated. Almonds are the best for reducing LDL.

Shudh Guggulu for Improving Cholesterol and Metabolism


  • Guggulu supports normal cholesterol levels
  • Guggulu helps maintain normal weight
  • Guggulu supports normal lipid levels and metabolism
  • Guggulu supports normal immune system function
  • Guggulu supports normal function of joints and connective tissues
  • Guggulu is a broad spectrum herb with many traditional uses


01 capsule twice a day before meals.

Changing to a low cholesterol diet will actually help individuals make themselves healthier as well as become less prone to diseases associated with high levels of cholesterol.