Natural Cures For Common Aches And Health Problems – Part 1

Natural cures or remedies are what people had in treating themselves when the medical science had not developed yet. Here are some of the natural cures used by people since many centuries.

1. Bleeding:
Cayenne pepper is one of the best natural cures to stop bleeding. Ouch! Will it burn? As a matter of fact it will ease pain.

2. Toothache:
The shooting pain in the tooth and gums is one of the most terrible pains a person can suffer from. Tooth ache cannot be ignored; an infection in the tooth must be taken care of immediately as it can lead to severe problems if it spreads. Yes, you do need to see your dentist, but in the meanwhile try some home remedies or natural cures for faster relief. Put some drops of clove oil on the affected area in your mouth and slowly bite on a piece of smashed garlic. This has worked for many people and it may for you as well, maybe the visit to the dentist can be avoided just by this simple home remedy.

3. Rash or allergic reaction:
Prescription medicines or antihistamines used to cure rashes and allergies may cause several side effects. Before you take a medicine try natural cures first like a healthy green tea. Green tea is rich in compounds that are antihistamine in nature. Drink three cups of nice warm green tea for quick results.

4. Athlete’s foot:
A stinky foot fungus can be extremely disgusting and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible with some natural cures. Air your feet and soak them in water with some salt added in them. You must also wash them in garlic juice. Soaking them in diluted white vinegar or even apple cider vinegar helps a lot. All the above natural cures at home are helpful in killing the fungus. Athlete’s foot is a persistent disease; hence you need to be persistent in your treatment as well. Choose any one of the above natural cures and do it couple of times every day for a week until your feet are as good as new. Any fungus infections will take time to disappear completely.

5. Acne and an over sensitive skin:
Check your everyday lifestyle if you’re living with natural cures; try to improve diet and your activity patterns like your sleeping hours or your exercise routine. An imbalance in your lifestyle will reflect on your skin. Also wash your face with oatmeal, this is one of the natural cures that helps in exfoliating the skin and removing the excess oil and dirt.

6. Ear infection:
An ear infection if not treated with timely natural cures can cause severe damage to your hearing abilities and even permanent damage. Visiting an ENT specialist is imperative, however, no harm in trying some of the following natural cures. A mild infection can be cured by putting two three drops of garlic oil and even white vinegar in your ear. Lie down on the side but make sure that the ear in which you have put the oil is facing upwards so that the oil does not drain out on the pillow. Garlic and vinegar have the ability to kill the bacteria and stop them from growing. Repeat this two to three times in a day. If you face discomfort after two days then see a doctor.

We will share more natural cures for common ailments in the post to come.

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