Earache more commonly occurs in children as compared to in adults. When you suffer from earache your auditory tubes get blocked. It is a difficult problem and most often it strikes during the night. This happens because the use of throat muscle is less at night. At times the Eustachian tube gets choked which results in earache which is extremely painful.

Several common causes of earache are cold, flu, sudden increase or decrease in air pressure, constant exposure to loud noise and ENT (ear nose and throat) problem. Earache can be in the form of slight discomfort in the ear or severe pain, which at times results in formation of pus. Earache is curable and there are several natural cures which have been known to be quite successful in curing it. Let’s learn about some really effective home remedies for earache:

Home Remedies for Earache

1. Take a teaspoon of sesame oil. Mix a small sized garlic clove. Heat this mixture till it is lukewarm. It should not be very hot. Put four drops of this mixture in the ear. Stay still for ten minutes. Repeat the same procedure with the other ear.

2. In a teaspoon of ghee add licorice and warm the mixture. Apply this remedy over the ear on the outside. Remember, this is to be applied externally. This will ease the pain.

3. In lukewarm seasame oil dip some castor plant leaves. Apply this mix over the ear.

4. Take a small piece of guggulu herb and burn it slightly over the stove or a candle. The smoke that comes from this herb has to enter the ear. You will have to bend down sideways and ask someone to hold the half burnt piece under the ear.

5. Mix ajwain oil and sesame oil in the seed of one is to three. Warm this mix slightly. Pour four drops of this mixture in the ear and let it stand for ten minutes.

6. Add five garlic cloves in linseed oil and heat it till it slightly burns. Strain the linseed oil. Put it in an airtight bottle. Put four drops of this linseed oil in your ears alternately in the morning as well as evening till the earache is reduced.

7. Take few basil leaves and grind it into a thick paste. Warm this slightly. Squeeze it to take out the oil or juice from the leaves. Put four drops of this liquid in the ears alternatively.

8. Take some leaves of the mango tree, grind it and squeeze out the juice. Apply four to five drops of lukewarm mango leaves juice in each ear to relieve the earache.

9. Immerse chopped pieces of a radish in mustard oil. Heat the same. Store the mustard oil with the radish pieces in a glass container. Put three to four drops of this oil in the ear whenever the pain strikes.

10. Put few drops of warm ginger juice in the ears whenever earache happens. This is a simple and quite helpful home remedy.

11. Simply putting few drops of lukewarm mustard oil in the ears is also known to cure earache.

12. If the earache occurs every time you travel in an airplane, then make it a point to chew some chewing gum. This is especially helpful while the flight is taking off and landing as the air pressure suddenly changes. Chewing gum keeps the throat muscle active and avoids earaches.

13. If the earache occurs every time you go for a swim then make sure you put couple of drops of mineral oil in both the ears before you go.

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