Alcohol addiction is a psychosomatic disorder. The intensity of addiction, frequency of alcohol intake, type of alcohol consumption varies for each individual. Few may drink through the day while others may drink only at a certain time. You are said to be alcohol dependent or addicted to alcohol when you consume an excess of alcohol for a prolonged duration, which affects your health and you are unable to stop due to severe withdrawal symptoms.

Signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction are:

  • Unable to control the quantity of alcohol consumption.
  • Unable to complete day to day activities. Failing to accomplish work, family and social responsibilities.
  • Trying to cut down alcohol consumption but you are not able to succeed.
  • Drinking alcohol in unsafe conditions like driving, etc.
  • Wanting to consume more and more alcohol to achieve desired effect.
  • You may experience withdrawal symptoms when you don’t drink alcohol.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms includes:

  • Nausea, giddiness, sweating and shivering. You will feel these symptoms subside on consumption of alcohol.
  • Increased heart beat.
  • Sleep disturbance, difficulty in falling asleep.
  • Mental disturbance like hallucination, anxiety, unexplained tension.

The following home remedies would be beneficial:

  • Drink 2 glasses of apple juice everyday to reduce the craving.
  • Take 500 g of carom seeds, add them to 8 litres of water. Boil the mixture till only 2 litres of water is left. Filter the mixture. Drink 3-4 tbsp whenever you get a craving for alcohol.
  • Keep reducing your alcohol intake day by day. Reduce 10% alcohol consumption every week. This will help you in abandoning alcohol from your life without any withdrawal symptoms.
  • Try attending alcohol de-addiction counselling sessions.
  • Grapes are rich in antioxidants. They to revitalise the cells in the body and restore your body’s normal metabolism. You can drink grape juice anytime when you feel a craving for alcohol.
  • You can take drakshadi kashayam to overcome the ill effects of alcoholism.
  • Yoga practice and meditation can also reduce alcohol cravings.