Healthy Diet and Natural Remedies For Lupus Pain Relief

Many of us are not aware what lupus is and what are the natural remedies for lupus pain. As a matter of fact almost every person diagnosed with this health condition admits that they have never heard of this ailment before. Lupus is a complex disorder associated with immunity problem also known as autoimmune disease. Lupus may affect many body parts including skin, blood cells, tissues, joints, lungs, heart and even kidney. Also, many people are not aware that nine out of every ten people affected with lupus are women. Also the symptoms of one person suffering from lupus are different from another. But the condition can be unbearable to all that is why everyone should have a healthy diet and be aware of natural remedies for lupus.

How Natural Remedies For Lupus Can Help:

Once the doctors have confirmed that you have this condition, there are several natural remedies for lupus that you can practice in keeping it under control. Here is what you can do:

How to ease painful joints: wrap painful joints by using elastic bandages which will help reduce the swelling and ease the discomfort.

Hot tub bath: spend upto half an hour in a tub filled with hot water or a Jacuzzi, this method will help you sleep better at night. The warm water is one of the natural remedies for lupus that helps in relaxing the joints as well as the muscles. If you are unable to soak in a hot water tub then take a hot water shower.

Vinegar and water bath: Vinegar and water bath is also one of the natural remedies for lupus. Many people have experienced ease and relaxation when they have soaked their aching body part in a basin filled with warm water to which white vinegar has been added. Like soaking your hands or your feet in a basin filled with warm water and white vinegar.

Alternating between hot and cold: some people find hot packs relaxing while some find cold packs more soothing. Also, alternating between hot and cold packs also seems to relax some people.

Each person suffering from lupus has their own temperature sensitivity limits. You have to try different methods of natural remedies for lupus and find what relaxes you the most for yourself.

Natural Remedies For Lupus: Healthy Diet

You can reduce the symptoms of lupus by having a proper diet. Having a rich nutritious diet is one of the natural remedies for lupus that can improve your immunity which will help in healing the condition faster.

–    Have easier to digest foods. Foods that are easy to digest gives your system extra energy that you will need for essential repair work. Properly prepared foods such as soup or porridge require minimal energy for nutrient absorption. Whereas, heavy foods such as pizza takes up lot of energy in digestion and absorption.

–    You aim here is to improve your immunity and make your body stronger. A proper diet is one of the natural remedies for lupus that helps in improving your overall health. People suffering from lupus perform better with a well balanced meal which includes small portions of animal foods. As a matter of fact, a bowl of chicken soup gives you much more energy than as compared to tofu soup.

–    If you have lupus your digestion is more sensitive. Take care of it and you will feel much better.

–    People with lupus can do much better if they have essential fatty acids which are natural remedies for lupus that are present in fish foods and flax oil.

The foods to avoid:

–    Avoid refined or excessively refined food products and oils.
–    Avoid foods with excessive carbohydrates such as sugar and certain fruits.
–    Avoid foods with amino acids as they aggravate lupus inflammation such as alfalfa sprouts.
–    Other foods that may aggravate lupus inflammation such as peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant
–    Avoid Caffeinated drinks as they reduce the amount of iron your body absorbs by half. Iron is significant in preventing anemia — a usual complication of lupus.
–    Avoid Soy products as they are high in a type of estrogen known as phytoestrogen. Estrogen phytoestrogen is known to be a risk factor for lupus.

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  • October 3, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    I honestly do not know about this condition. But the word lupus sounds familiar. I think most of the tips here would benefit our overall health. A healthy diet would definitely save us from a lot of health problems. Thanks for this very informative post. 🙂

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