Symptoms and Natural Remedies for Rosacea

People with very fair skin sometimes experience pink flushing of the cheeks when itโ€™s hot, or if they are angry or even embarrassed. After the age of thirty this pink flushes starts changing into more prominent red. Along with the change in color the skin around the nose also gets pimples, bumps or small broken blood vessels. All these symptoms indicate that the person has Rosacea. Rosacea is a skin problem wherein the blood vessels on the face (around the cheeks and the nose) starts widening, filling with blood and make the face look very red. It can sometimes be embarrassing so natural remedies for Rosacea would really be helpful.

The exact cause of Rosacea is yet unknown, however, females with extremely fair skin are genetically susceptible to developing this skin problem. Some common things that trigger the pink red flushing are heat, humidity, emotional problems, alcohol and even spicy foods. Rosacea is a chronic skin problem that comes and goes, if you are aware of some of the simple natural remedies for rosacea then you can manage this problem with much ease.

Natural Remedies For Rosacea

1. Cold Compress: This is one of the simplest natural remedies for Rosacea that helps reduce the red flushing. Make a cold compress or take an ice pack and apply it on the affected parts of the skin. The cold sensation will constrict the widened blood vessels and reduce the inflammation.

2. Tinted makeup: People who are prone to red flaring of the skin should use green tinted under foundation cover as natural remedies for Rosacea. The green mixes with the red outbreak on your skin and kind of counteracts it. It is available in all the leading beauty product stores.

3. Chamomile: Chamomile is extremely one of the helpful natural remedies for Rosacea that provides a soothing sensation to the Rosacea prone skin. Make sure you are not allergic to ragweed, as chamomile is a member of the ragweed family. Use lotions, cleansers that has chamomile in it for a soothing effect.

4. Avoid products that may cause abrasions: Face products such as scrubbers, puffs or pumice pads may cause abrasions which may lead to even more flushing. Avoid them at all instances.

5. Green Tea: Green tea is rich in lot of powerful antioxidants and is known to have anti-inflammatory properties which is considered as one of the natural remedies for Rosacea as it helps in reducing the instances of Rosacea in the long run. Green tea is helpful for those who are suffering from Rosacea due to sun irritation, as it has photo protective capabilities that can greatly reduce the skinโ€™s sensitivity to sunlight.

6. Licorice: The herb licorice is known to be one of the helpful natural remedies for Rosacea as it is rich in Glycyrrhizin acid, which is known to have anti-inflammatory properties greatly reducing the severeness of dermatitis. Those suffering from mild rosacea experienced a prominent reduction in facial flushing after applying licorice.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is a one of the common natural remedies for Rosacea. It helps in the optimum production of digestive enzymes that can efficaciously reduce the number of bacteria in the digestive tract. This can greatly reduce bacterial accumulation, which is one of the known causes of rosacea.

8. Feverfew: Feverfew is another one of the common natural remedies for Rosacea as it has primary active components of parthenolide inhibits serotonin. Feverfew also has 5-lipoxygenase, which helps in reducing the aggregation of human blood platelet. Once can use a lotion that has feverfew extracts in it to reduce instances of acne and reduce Rosacea as a result.

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