I got a quick story to tell you.

A toddler got lost in a forest during her trip with her parents. Her parents failed to find her until after a few years. When they found her, she had changed drastically. She had lost her language skills. She could not survive in the civilized society anymore because she did not have human contact. What I mean to point out is, socialization is a very important part of man’s life. Social interactions and laughter makes human life worth living for.
Haven’t you noticed how laughing can instantly lift your mood? Just seeing someone laughing and playing makes you cheerful even from a distance. Laughing is highly contagious. Fall in.

Who doesn’t love laughing?

Laughing is an involuntary reaction to something funny and it makes one feel good. However, laughter is taken for granted!

When I laugh, I am enjoying; I am celebrating.

But, did you know that by laughing I am eliminating toxins in my body too? It’s not just my tears that can purge me but my loud giggles as well. Haven’t you seen those laughter clubs? Since laughter has a viral effect it hangs on in the air and purifies those lucky participants as they explode in to chains of laughter.

Tittering Relieves Stress

Laughter is medicine, goes the old saying. It is not scientifically proven how laughter acts as a medicine. But its true that lots of laughter always makes you feel better.

  • Laughing to the heart’s content enhances oxygen flow in the body, improves the functions of the blood vessels and stimulates the lungs.
  • A lot more of endorphins are released to the brain when you laugh. Endorphins are brain chemicals which helps you to feel happy. They are more released during stress and pain.
  • Pain is shown the door out as the body produces its own pain killers.
  • Giggles take off the mental load and relaxes the body for up to 45 minutes after.
  • Blood circulation is stimulated with laughter and tension is relieved.
  • Promotes relaxation of muscles.
  • Makes you feel younger.
  • Above all, laughter perks up immunity which is otherwise reduced by stress.

Humour Heals!

Laughter is a known antidote to pain. Emotional and physical pain can half be relieved by tittering.
If you know to laugh away difficulties you are a big achiever. Knowing how to laugh and stay cheerful can strengthen interpersonal relationships and encourage more and more social interactions.
Yes! This post essentially speaks of the benefits of laughter and how it acts as a perfect stress reliever. That leaves no excuse for watching funny movies with a large bag of chips at night. Time to join the largest laughter club or Laughter Yoga and laugh away the worries…