20160117_143710 (1)We had the privilege of interviewing Tripti Gupta, the Founder of iPink, who was recently awarded the ‘Best Diet Consultant in Mumbai’ Award by Prime Time Research Media Pvt. Ltd. We are happy to share her valuable insights on nutrition and diet with you.

How important is good nutrition to successful weight loss?

Nutrition is the root of your body and every change in your body is a direct result of the nutrient supply you provide it with. Every other external source such as exercise, yoga, massage, etc., are simply add-ons and would never work if the foundation itself is wrong. Good Nutrition forms this foundation for every goal you prepare your body for, including successful weight loss.

Give us some examples of a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast is a combination of a healthy balanced meal, which need not be huge but sufficient to meet your energy requirements for that particular meal. Healthy breakfast options can be plenty, to name a few are – Oats with skim Milk / Stuffed Roti with skim milk curds / Poha with Thin chaas / Idlis or dosa with sambhar / Fruit + Thin chaas / Toast with egg whites / Quinoa or Dalia veg Upma / Sprouts chilla with coconut water or simply a fulfilling Protein Smoothies.

What sort of diet should you take while bodybuilding?

High protein, high carb, moderate fat is ideal for body building as the energy supply should be sufficient to not just feed your existing muscles to sustain the strength and size but also to help them grow further. Foods in the form of dairy, eggs, non-veg, pulses, legumes, oats, cereals , whole grains, nuts and oilseeds are great which need to be backed up with sufficient supplementation.

What is the best diet for people with diabetes?

Low glycemic index , high fibre foods should be every diabetic’s mantra. You need food. which will eat into your sugar and not add to it. Hence, whole grains such as – lapsi, jowar , bajra / whole pulses- sprouts, chana, whole moong / lots of green vegetables , leafy vegetables and plenty of plain fluids work best. High glycemic natural foods, which are best avoided in diabetes would be – Rice, ragi , root vegetables, coconut water, fruits, milk, direct sugar such as dates/ jaggery/ honey/ brown and white sugar.

Give us some examples of a heart healthy diet.

Heart Healthy foods include those rich in omega 3 rich foods, antioxidants, iron, potassium and low sodium. Heart healthy foods include deep sea fish, nuts, green tea , garlic, fruits, fibrous vegetables, high fibre grains and pulses, sodium lowering foods such as methi seeds, coconut water , cucumbers etc and cook in heart healthy oils such as rice bran oil , olive oil , groundnut oil etc. One must consciously avoid high cholesterol foods such as egg yolks, shell-fish, red meats etc. It is important to be aware that cholesterol is present only in non-veg sources which means all vegetarian sources including all vegetable oils do not contain any cholesterol.

How to lose weight with just diet?

The formula is simple your input (intake) should be less than your body’s output ( metabolism). Once you have been able to achieve this balance the body will surely lose weight no matter whether there is any activity or not. We have achieved 20-40kgs weight loss for people who have never exercised and who solely rely on their diet.

What are your thoughts on the following diets?

  • Paleo Diet
  • Dukan Diet
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • DASH Diet


All of the above have been created for a certain target group of people using weight loss as the selling strategy to their plans. The fact is, good health boils down to eating all food groups in a balance, the additions and subtractions of any food group are also made in a balanced diet pertaining to the individuals needs but it is wrong to claim that these diets would fit the bill for all. Balance is the only diet which fits your bill for longevity in health & lifespan. Any other diet followed temporarily to achieve a certain result should be followed after consulting your health advisor as it may not be suitable for all.

What sort of food is good for reducing high blood pressure?

The first thing which needs to curbed is salt Or Sodium as high blood pressure directly indicates high sodium in your blood. Reduce table salt, sauces, chutneys, pickles, papads and salty drink or accompaniments. Good foods include high potassium foods such as Cucumbers, Coconut water, lime, melons, plenty of fibre, water and Green Tea. These regulate the blood pressure beautifully if the salt is kept in check. Pink or rock salt are good substitutes for white salt in blood pressure patients

Is a high protein diet essential for good health?  How does it help?

Indians especially have a very carb based diets comprising of rotis, rice, oats etc hence there is a need to make every individual conscious about the benefits of protein and its regular consumption. I would still maintain that a balanced diet is what the need of the hour is. For those who eradicate carbs to replace with protein completely are also at high risk of health. We got a recent case study of a Gujarati male who wishes to lose weight and make a good body ate 60 egg whites a day and nothing else. The body went into a complete imbalance. Similarly, if you only load on carbs such as rice and roti or even those who go on only Salads and Fruits the body is at high risk. Ideally your calorie count should remain divided as below-Carbohydrates- 60% , Protein -30% , Fat – 10% to maintain the right balance.

What snacks can be termed as ‘healthy snacks’?

Every snack, which is not processed can be actually termed healthy including wada pav and bhel. If the wada is baked or fried in fresh groundnut oil with a multigrain or even white pav it has the benefits of carbs, pulses and vegetables as opposed to a burger from a junk outlet where the patties are generally made of processed meats. Processed kills the health factor in your food due to the transfats which are retained in the body contributing to cholesterol, obesity and other lifestyle diseases

Is a gluten free diet or low carb diet or zero fat diet good for health?
Low of any food group is fine as long as it’s calculated for a purpose but omitting of any single food group without any reason is not healthy. Our body needs nourishment from every natural healthy source and omitting the same is simply depriving. We have had case studies where people who omitted a certain food group such as gluten or dairy or soya from their diet over a prolonged period eventually turned allergic to that food group and their system was unable to digest it the way it used before they omitted it from their diet.

How to gain weight quickly?

Calorie dense foods , high calorific value meals and timely eating is your key to quick weight gain. Just like the formula to lose weight we apply the opposite here. Your input ( intake ) should be more that your output( metabolism ) Load carbs, healthy fats and condensed foods at frequent intervals balanced with endurance or strength training to channelize the intake in the right direction instead of developing belly fat is the right route to weight gain. For quick results good quality weight gain supplements can be administered.

Can you list 5 of your favourite fruits and vegetables and explain why we should include these fruits and vegetables in our daily diet?

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are the smartest way to get your benefits from every group. Every seasonal harvest comes with it’s own nutrition benefits. 5 Highest ranking fruits – Papaya , grapes , berries, pomegranate, olives. Highest ranking vegetables – beans, green leafy, tomatoes, carrots, beetroot.

How do we prevent constipation?   

Fluids, fibre, natural grease and wholesome food is the remedy to the most stubborn constipation. Lack of water, lack of bulk and lack of lubrication prevents the body from smooth excretion of water material and over a period of time develops into constipation. Include lots of roughage in the form of fruits, salads, unstrained vegetable juices, ghee and whole grains regularly to avoid this condition.

What provides best nutrition for teenagers?

Teenagers have a high metabolic rate hence slow acting foods for consistent energy supply works best for them. These include dairy such as skim milk, low fat paneer, pulses, eggs, whole grains, fresh wholesome fruits and vegetables. Plenty of hydration/ electrolyte rich drinks are a must for teenagers as they tend to sweat a lot or remain outdoors for longer hours. These can be in the form of buttermilk, lime juice, vegetable juices, coconut water , fresh fruit juices etc. Besides,hormonal changes in teens demand a regular supply of omega 3 fats in the form of nuts & oilseeds in combination with Vitamin C. An imbalance of vitamins in teens tends to cause breakouts, acnes, oily or rough dandruff prone hair, weight gain, hormonal disorders and early obesity etc.

Do nutritional requirements vary from one person to another?

Every individual is different in his genetics, taste, choices, needs, lifestyle and goals. Hence, the diet for each and every person needs to be suited to his requirements which will be different from others.

Please list the 5 things that we should look for in product labels while shopping so we can avoid buying those products.

  1. Trans fats
  2. Processed
  3. Cholesterol
  4. Added colours
  5. Preservatives


Always calculate the fibre over calories to know the calorie count. Every gram of fibre should be deducted from the total calories to get a clear picture of that item.
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