There are not many who do not enjoy a glass of orange juice. I like the succulent fruit mainly available as Nagpur oranges in India. A while back, I used to wait for the season and once oranges were available, I would painstakingly squeeze the juice in our blender and relish it with my mom. But those are bygone days which would never come back. You don’t need to wait for seasons anymore. All fruit juices are nearly available in all seasons. And you have variety: organic, natural, 100% juice, juice concentrate and what not!

Recently, in some health news article I read about substituting a caffeinated drink with orange juice especially with breakfast. I have seen many relatives who drink coffee or tea with breakfast and some others take a glass of water. But nowhere I saw someone taking fresh fruit juice. We have heard of on how orange peels and juice could liven up life one’s complexion and skin tone. We come across a lot of cosmetic gels and creams with orange extracts in the market.

Savor a glass of orange juice with me and read on to find its health benefits.

Here’s what’s in an orange:

  • vitamins A, B, C
  • calcium
  • sodium
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • copper
  • sulfur and
  • chlorine

The sweet oranges are the ones known for their medicinal properties. The juice of sweet orange was once used in the traditional medicine for its antidepressant and anti inflammatory qualities. It serves as a diuretic to promote the urine flow and as a carminative to remove intestinal gas. Oranges help to ward off common cold and influenza with its Vitamin C content. The vitamin C in oranges stimulates the body tissues to make optimum use of the calcium contained in the food. People of all ages can have a glass of orange juice without worry. Oranges get along with most of the ailments too.

Bananas are the usual recommended home remedy for constipation. But oranges also help in the same way. They stimulate the bowel movements, excite peristaltic activity and reduce the accumulation of food residue in the colon.

Sweet Orange oil is an essential oil with remarkable therapeutic properties. It is used in aromatic therapy owing to its soothing qualities. It is sedative, anti fungicidal, antibacterial, antibiotic, antiseptic and a detoxifier. It helps you by calming you down when you are worried by overindulgence and nervous anxiety. Orange oil is cold pressed from the orange peel. With a fruity and citrusy scent, it brightens you up.

It stimulates the digestive system and the lymphatic while also helps stimulating the adrenal glands. Using Orange oil you can relax your muscles and nervous during spasms. Orange oil has a major role in the beauty industry too. Orange oil is a skin rejuvenate that can effectively work on dull, oily and wrinkled skin. Orange essential oil is a great natural air disinfectant as well.

Orange is a great energiser and stress reducing agent and perhaps this cooling ability of oranges logically accounts for the number of energy drinks in orange flavour.

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