Being pregnant is every woman’s dream, however, at times pregnancy also causes several mild ailments which can be avoided by adopting several measures and cured through natural remedies.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: This is a very common syndrome that affects several of us. Pregnancy makes the body more vulnerable to this condition. Here are some tips which can help you avoid and cure it easily:

1. Make sure you use a wrist rest every time you use your computer.
2. Place your arm on a pillow when you sleep.
3. Ask someone to massage the inside part of your wrist in downward as well as upward motion using the thumb.
4. Kneel down on your knees and hands and lean yourself forward as your wrist stretches, hold yourself in this position for five seconds then go back and repeat.
5. Using a splint on the wrist will help you especially during night time.
6. Use an acupressure charts to find the Lung 10 or LU10 point. Press firmly with your thumb, hold for five seconds, repeat three to five times.

Cold and Cough: In pregnancy the mucus membranes tend to swell. This makes it difficult to avoid as well as get rid of colds and coughs. Hence, prevention is the best alternative. Eat nutritious food, rest well and do mild exercises. If possible, then avoid people who are suffering from colds as it can be contagious. For more help follow the following suggestions:

1. Wash your hands frequently
2. Avoid meeting sick people
3. Talk to the doctor regarding a flu shot.
4. Have a nutritious diet.
5. Have more Vitamin C in your diet.
6. Garlic as well as onions help in fighting infections. Have them more in your diet.
7. Zinc as well as vitamin C supplement will strengthen your immunity.
8. Vitamin B will help you de-stress
9. Use a humidifier in your house.
10. Take a hot steam inhalation. Add two drops of eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, lemon oil and tea tree oil in the water. Inhale this steam for about ten minutes. Do not use this remedy if you are taking homeopathic medicines.

Constipation: With continuous hormonal changes happening in the body the digestive system is bound to be affected. Other reasons may be those iron tablets and lack of fiber from diet. By preventing constipation you can also avoid hemorrhoids. Tips:

1. Exercise regularly, do mild squatting exercises.
2. Include lots of fruits and veggies in your every day diet.
3. Drink lots of liquids
4. Have prune juice
5. The moment you need to defecate, just go, do not suppress the motion.
6. Try not to over strain your bowels.
7. Have either witch hazel or lemon juice in order to reduce swelling of hemorrhoids.

Dizziness or Fainting: Dizziness is a common condition during pregnancy. This happens because the blood tends to collect in the lower parts of the body and the brain could experience temporary deprivation of oxygen which may lead to fainting or giddiness. Tips to avoid and cure:

1. Do not stand for long time
2. While in standing position contract and relax the muscles of your buttocks and leg to stimulate the blood to go back to the head.
3. Do not stand up abruptly.
4. Do not get out of hot bath quickly.
5. If you feel dizzy then sit down and lower your head than the rest of your body.